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Mission Title: The Deserters

Mission Information: A friend of yours is thinking about deserting from the army, and he plans to take a sizable group of guys with him! You have a choice of going with him and leaving the army, telling the lord, or talking him down. If you haven't been in the army for long and this mission comes up, the deserters won't talk to you at all and they'll just leave in the night, taking you to mission objective 4.

Mission Objective 1: You leave with him and instantly leave the army. You take a larger group of people that you usually would when you desert, the guys he has plus the ones you can convince. If ever there was a time you were planning on deserting, now is the time. You also have the option to rob the Lord of his reserve cash he keeps lying around in case he's captured and needs to be ransomed and can steal it, but lose even more relations.

Mission objective 2: You tell the lord about it and gain relation with him, and then immediately go into battle with the deserters. If he's a good natured lord, he'll ask the deserters not to leave, but the rest of them will want them dead, if only to make an example out of the rest of them.

Mission Objective 3: You attempt to communicate with your friend about staying with the army, arguing in the same way as attempting to convert a lord to your faction. If it works, nobody leaves and the men respect you more. So will the lord who heard rumors that something like this was going on.

Mission Objective 4: Your lord tells you about some deserters who just left the army and all of you are going to show them what happens to people who go against the rules. You enter battle with the deserters.
Mission Reward: Increased relation with the army and the lord.
Mission Failure: The chance of being captured assuming you lost the battles.

Mission Title: A Friend
Mission Information: A new recruit has joined the army and looks up to you. Practically everyone does as you've proven yourself time and time again to be a competent fighter. He asks you to show him the ropes and offers to always watch your back in exchange for letting him hero worship you.
Mission Objective: You have the choice of accepting his offer or turning him down. If you accept, the new recruit turns into a hero character that joins your party that you command. You control his equipment and he functions as your buddy for battles. Nothing happens if you refuse and he remains a regular NPC.
Mission Reward: A brand new companion that fights for you.
Mission Failure: You can't fail this mission.

Mission Title: Loss

Mission Information: Your regiment won the previous fight, but not without a heavy loss of lives on both sides. Some of the men are completely shaken up at the idea of having buried people they they just ate with and laughed with. Help restore the regiment's mental state by talking about what happened.

Mission Objective: You'll be standing around a camp like scene with a bunch of soldiers standing in various places. You only have to talk to 5 to complete the mission, but you gain extra benefits at the end if you speak to everyone. Some of the men are scared, some angry, some used to combat and aren't affected as much, and others filled up with complete blood lust. There's a right answer, a wrong answer and a neutral answer for each conversation and each type of person has the same dialogue, for a total of 4 different sets. Your responses either set them back on track, turn them slightly against you, or something in between.

Mission Reward: Your Lord takes note if you did a good job and will promote you. Your army respects you more, you gain some honor, and relation with your faction.

Mission Failure: The opposite. If it's neutral, your lord isn't angry or happy with you. You don't ever lose relationship with your faction, but the men don't like you as much and there's a chance of the lord being upset.

Mission Title: Good Will

Mission Information: After any battle where you've been injured below 30 percent of your health, a camp follower and some of the men visit you while you're recovering and tell you that they're glad that you're alive and that you mean a lot to them.

Mission Objective: Talk with the people who came to visit you. If you pick the right option, you can get different effects at the end.

Mission Reward: You'll heal significantly faster. The men like you more.

Mission Failure: You don't get anything.

Mission Title: Sickness
Mission Information: An illness is sweeping through the platoon and you and your lord happen to know of an herb that grows nearby that could potentially halt the sickness. Problem is, local bandits have taken all the herbs so they can sell them for higher prices.

Mission Objective: Should you accept, your lord will give you the money and you'll meet with the bandit leader. He'll attempt to overcharge you even more than usual and you have the option of threatening him or paying the price. With high persuasion he'll sell you the herbs for even less. If the threat fails, you'll have to fight him. Alternatively, you can attack the bandits immediately instead. If it comes to a combat situation, you and a small group of men will confront the bandits and fight them.

Mission Reward: You keep all of the money the lord gave you so if you paid less, you made a profit. The Lord's army continues without any kind of hinderence. You get a food item that has 5 uses and increases wound treatment by 1 while it's in your inventory.

Mission Failure: If you refused or failed to win the battle, the lord moves at the same speed that he would if he was going though a forest for 24 hours.

When I say the men like you more, I'm thinking it would be like giving you more weight in the case of you rebelling against the lord or deserting and having more guys come with you. If they like you enough, you'd get large amounts of people to desert.


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Howitzer said:
How hard is mission scripting? I'm a noob when it comes to M&B scripting, but I have done some tutorials on Python, so I could try to get into it if you could show me the ropes a bit.
It varies largely depending on the mission. If you would like to get into modding feel free to join our irc and ask some questions (see the download thread for the link) - i would say that you should check out how to set up the module system, read a bit in the forge and take a look at caba drins module system syntax. That way we can talk about the actual modding right away. Most of us are currently on the road or working, but we will be back this sunday. Use the time until then to prepare :wink:


About Modding:

I just finished writing a PM to a guy who's interested in Modding, now being a 'quite new' modder myself , I LOVE the idea of being able to help others. So I'll post that PM here for all to use :grin:

Best thing to do is to get hold of some 'source' and the module system (get the 1.134 if you can)  I started my self teaching by making new menus and hounding others to show me 'how' There is a whole part of the forum dedicated to module development (the forge) there you will find a module system 'manual' or in the newMount and Blade and Mount and Blade: Warband Modding Wikipedia. The main thing you need to modify the module system is Python 2.7 (2.6 supposedly works better with M&B) , although there is no need to be a perfect Python coder as Python is used to 'compile' the module system (the M&B module system is quite easy to learn) and Notepad++ and catch up with us on the chat :razz:

Freelancer source is also available on our download page , It's a older version but you can play with it once you add it to the module system,IF you want you could just download the same module I downloaded to add Freelancer to.  Diplomacy & Pre- Battle Orders & Deployment

Any questions or anything feel free to ask :wink: Also just MAKE sure you have a copy of your native folder, never delete it either...always use a copy not the original. Have Fun!



PS. I have a little page I call my mod bible. It's a page Caba'drin made. An Introduction to Module System Syntax and Usage

Enjoy! and get learning, like Duh said.. you have until Sunday  :lol:

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Mission Title: Forlorn Hope
Mission Information: Your lord's army is on the run from a bigger foe, and he needs volunteers to slow down the enemy.
Mission Objective: If you accep the mission (volunteer to lead the rearguard), you spawn with some men (the number depends on the Lord's tactics-skill and the size of the enemy's army), and try to hold off the enemy vanguard (some of their troops on the top of their army list). The enemy won't attack you with all his men at once, but sent only his first troops at you, because you're but a small rearguard. When you defeat those men, the enemy sends more.
Mission Reward: When you accept the mission, you gain honour, and positive relationship with the Lord. You get an amount of renown based on the number of enemies you killed or the time the enemy needed to destroy you. The enemy army stops chasing your Lord for some time. You end up as a prisoner.
Mission Failure: When you decline the mission, your relationship with the Lord deteriorates slightly.


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Some Fantastic idea's here guys.

Mission Title: The Merchant
Mission Information: At the start of the game you meet The Merchant, the idea here is that he requires your help once again. Whether it be in helping him secure Trading Routes, becoming his Personal Bodyguard or a "Vassal" traveling around helping him set up business's to expand his own little empire.
Mission Objective: Trading Routes - Connections in the Towns; "Vassal" - Do as the Merchant asks and you will gain an ally; Personal Bodyguard - The Merchant supplies you with men, however its up to you to equip them and train them.
Mission Reward: Money from the Merchant, Connections in the Towns, Men-At-Arms
Mission Failure:Trading Routes - No Connections; "Vassal" - He'll make it harder for you to trade in towns; Personal Bodyguard - The Merchant will die.

I know its broad, but there are quite a few things you can do with The Merchant.


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Mission Title: Train the New Recruits
Mission Information: Your lord has recruited some brand new soldiers who lack in experience and has requested you train them.
Mission Objective: Instead of the normal training of you verse 1 or 2 soldiers, I think it would be interesting to have a mini-skirmish. Maybe 5v5, 10v5 or 15v5 (you and 4 hardened troops).
Mission Reward: Large amount of xp for the new recruits and a smaller amount of xp for you.
Mission Failure: No xp for anybody.
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mission name: sabotage gate

you and some higly trained troops sneak into the beseaged castle and takes out the guards.

if you sucseds you will get 500 gold 15-20 renown and the castle gate will be open

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Mission Title: Protect the Lady
Mission Information: The daughter (or wife if he has no daughter) is doing some stuff in town, or somewhere in the field.
Mission Objective: Protect the lady at all costs. Possible scenarios: Scenario 1: Nothing happens Scenario 2: Bandits try to capture her.
Scenario 3: An enemy lord sent a capturing party.
Mission Reward: Increase in relationship with lord and a bigger one with lady. Increase in renown.
Mission Failure: Decrease in renown and relationships with lord and lady. Decrease of rank and no salary for the coming X weeks. OR New mission: Rescue the lady

Mission Title: Rescue the lady
Mission Information: The daughter or wife of the lord is captured, go save her. (randomly by bandits or enemy lord's capturing party, or if triggered by previous mission, the same party that captured her then)
Mission Objective: Kill the robbers, and save her. (town, bandit lair, a camp)
Mission Reward: Increase in relations with lord and lady (IF triggered by previous mission, you will earn less relations then u lost)
Mission Failure: if triggered by previous mission, large relations decrease, more cut of pay, loss of renown, etc... if not, renown decrease, small relations decrease (dependant on lords nature)

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Mission Title: Hire A platoon
misson infoDesc: you have proven yourself in combat and the lord wants you to hire,train,and lead a small number of units, he gives u some money and tells u to go to at least 3 local villages to hire troops (max 15) then u train them and lead them in battle, but 1 night while your platoon is on patrol, you get attacked. you fight the enemy with your new platoon.
mission reward: all the man u hired become like compainions and they act like your army. you get to manage thier equipment,get new commands to lead them in battle, relations increase with lord, keep excess money, and (My Favorite,) You get a portion of thier weekly salary for bieng thier leader (better the troops, larger the income)
Mission Fail: your lord takes his remaining money back and takes the rest from your salary, lose relation,renown, honor your troops desert and you possibly become prisoner by bandits


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Title: Tournament Ambush (attack).
Objective: Your unchivalrous commander sends you to beat up another lord prior to the tournament so he cannot fight as well. Knock the lord out!
You will fight in a small team (4-6 guys) against the lord with his small team (4-6 guys). You will be armed with cudgels, maces and staves while the lord will have normal weapons.
Reward: Gold, increase relation with commander. If recognised lose honour & lose relations with the lord you just assaulted.
Failure: lose honour and relations with the lord you assaulted, possibly captured.

Title: Tournament Ambush (defence).
Objective: Your honourable commander is ambushed before the tournament! Defend him!
You will be on a team with the lord, using normal weapons. The enemy will all be armed with maces and staves. Make sure your lord does not fall in the battle!
Reward: gain relation with commander, gain honour.
Failure: small loss of relation with commander (you did try to defend him at least).

For another one during the battle.

Title: Taking prisoners.
Objective: In this battle we have a considerable battle advantage. Today your job is not to fight, but to take prisoners during the battle.
Move from waypoint to waypoint during combat (similar to the waypoints you need to reach during the horseback training). These waypoints will be where casualties are.
Reward: gain relation with commander.
Failure: lose relation with commander.

Title: Fresh lances.
Objective: Many knights would rely on squires to bring them new lances when their lances were expended in battle.
Again this would use waypoints, you must travel back to the stores of lances and then once you have collected the bundle of lances go to where the cavalry are to drop them off.
Reward/Failure: Commander/army relation.

Title: Standard bearer.
Objective: Carry your lord’s flag into battle. Don’t get knocked out! But if you hang back too much the troops will not advance.
Reward/Failure: Army relation.

I am having other ideas related to provost duty, although I would need to develop these further. Ideas I have are…

Stopping looting (presumably within friendly territory, gains honour, lose army relation, gain commander relation AND local relation).
‘Argument settlers’ – the name of a big stick, used for settling arguments among the camp followers. Should also include dialogue and persuasion skills.


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Mission: Betray!
Information: Enemy lord sent a spy to ask you poison your general's water supplies or destroy equipment
Reward: Massive amount of money, -honor and reputation with your current general and +reputation with lord who gave you the quest and his faction.
If failed: you tell your general about the plan and you gain honor, some money and reputation with your general


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here's my idea:
mission name City spying
mission description: your general sends you to spy in a town or a castle for 1000 denars
failing terms: going down on the troop tree
the after goal: about a month after you succeed your mission you become a vassal of your general and he gives you an army of 50 troops (: 


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Title: Recruiter
Objective: Your Lord tells you to recruit x amount of men, and i'd have him either give you money for recruiting, or money as a reward
Rewards: Relations with lord increase, money, closer to promotion
Consequences for failure: relation decrease, he wants his money back


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Title: Tested
Objective: Your Lord wants to see if you have what it takes to become a  officer leading a part of his army, and wants to test you through giving you 15 (doesn't have to be 15 can be anything) men for the next few battles to see how you do.
Rewards: Relations increase, higher wage, you can now lead part of the lords army in battle
Failure: small relation decrease, and you have to wait some time before getting tested again


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Title: The Mad Slayer
Objective: There is a serial killer prowling the streets of your Lord's town. Find him!
(You would have to wander the streets at night, and be set upon by the serial killer, most likely a high leveled soldier.)
Rewards: Renown, and relations with the lord and town



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Title: Bearer of Bad News
Objective: A well liked soldier has died. Some of his fellows who were dragged into war with him have pooled together some denars to pay the soldier that has the Lord's ear to leave the army for a little while, and take the news back to his family. Player will have to take personal time from the army, go to random faction village, meet a villager inside (Wife, father, child, etcetera), and pass on the news in order to complete the mission. Failure condition would be simply not to do it within thirty days, leading the other soldiers to deduce that you're never going to get around to it.
Possible Variations: Taking a body home to bury, finding a deserter that has run to ground on the Lord's behalf, running a letter back home as a special delivery for a soldier afraid he'll die in the next battle.
Rewards: 50 denars on quest accept, +1 honor on completion.
Consequences for Failure: -1 honor. What's the word of a bunch of grubby soldiers worth? Anything more in depth would probably be more hassle than is worth for a side quest (Future quests having soldiers being reluctant to help you out? Getting a chance of ambushed in the night in your tent?).

Title: Rest and Recreation...
Objective: The Lord has laid away in town too long (Trigger if army is in town for three sequential nights if possible?), leaving soldiers restless. A few of the fellow soldiers are interested in blowing off steam and their wages, if you'd be up for it. See how long your wallet and the patience of the poor tavern owner can last. Essentially, text adventure, way I'm imagining it is that the proposal is floated to you while waiting too long in a town, if quest has to be triggered by player can come up if the player talks to his Lord who mentions he has nothing but "Saw more of your ilk in the tavern than usual." After quest start, you have to kill time with your fellow soldiers, through three or five events of player's choice- obviously buying them all drinks would be straightforward but expensive, and might cause them to act on impulses (Which would lead to lowered town and Lord relation, or even honor loss). A persuasion roll could be used to keep soldiers enraptured with stories told (Maybe give bonuses for learning poems from minstrels?). Perhaps you could challenge fellow soldiers to gambling matches, risking denar on a randomly generated number to simulate dice playing (Would MnB support this?). Finally, good old fashioned fist fights are a possibility, but getting knocked unconscious could lead to your fellows causing catastrophe while you're out, and winning could cause some soldiers to nurse grudges (No idea how to handle that).
Possible Variations: Keeping a band of soldiers on best behavior at a feast they were invited to for their heroism, keeping soldiers alert when on guard duty.
Rewards: Whatever winnings you might've earned from your fellows, and possibly town relation if you manage to keep your lot from damaging anything.
Consequences of Failure: Relation decrease from Lord, relation decrease from town, and possibility of honor loss depending on what the band did.

Title:...Wreck and Retribution
Objective: Follow up quest offer if player turned down Rest and Recreation, or something out of the blue. Your fellow soldiers have managed to completely ruin one of the Realm's finest drinking establishments, and even the Lord has sat up and taken notice. The town is demanding justice, and it's up to you to deliver it! You have to find soldiers in town and either convince them to come back to face their lumps like men, or deliver them summarily. Straightforward quest to go out and hurt people (Perhaps auto equipping you with a staff or other blunt weapon, or just applying the tourney modifier to your weapon?) throughout town.
Possible Variations: Heinous Crime, you actually have to KILL your fellow soldiers if they don't agree to return, which, depending on the size of your lord's armies, might be crippling for the next battle (If MnB can support, don't know if it can remove AI soldiers by event). At the Town's Request: The Lord actually doesn't really care about what the townsmen might think, the soldiers have bled and fought for him, he won't turn them in, leading the town (If you have high enough relations) to turn to you for justice. Either gain honor for bringing your fellow soldiers to them (And antagonize your Lord) or lose a large amount of town relation.
Rewards: Honor, meager amount of denars, and town relations boost.
Consequences of Failure: Relation decrease from town and Lord.

Title: Leave the Wounded Behind!
Objective: Whilst between towns, the Lord has noticed that there are soldiers lagging behind. He orders you to get them to hurry up. The laggards are escorting a pair of casualties (in cart?) to fend off bandits. Player can either attempt to persuade them to leave the wounded behind (Persuasion rolls, three fails provokes hostilities), bribe them out of pocket, kill the casualties (Causes a few or all of the soldiers to immediately go hostile, and drop in honor. Perhaps a second, easier persuade roll to stave off hostilities? Anyway, after hostiles are killed survivors are convinced to catch up), or the player can stay behind and fight off enemies to permit the casualties to catch up to the main army.
Possible Variations: Refugee escort, 'casualties' are actually drunks, the enemy do not attack, convinced it's a trap, and your Lord rides back to berate you.
Rewards: If Soldiers are made to catch up, -1 or -7 honor loss, Lord relation improved. If casualties are protected, +3 honor, loss of Lord relation. If all laggards are killed, minor Lord relation improved for "Maintaining discipline."
Consequences of Failure: Potential imprisonment, Lord relation loss.

Title: Flower of Chivalry
Objective: Your Lord can not bear to see lives wasted in battle, and believes that the opposing Lord will see reason, and settle this battle in a singular duel. Unfortunately, he wants you to deliver the message. You approach the Castle, and deliver the message under a flag of truce with a hand picked squad. If you have renown, the other Lord might see this as an opportunity to dispatch a particularly irritating thorn in the side of his faction, leading to you needing to escape from Castle/Town. But who knows, maybe the other guy will actually buy it, and you and your fellow soldiers can have a break and see the Nobles fight mano a mano?
Possible Variations: Your Lord could be the sneaky one trying to lure the other in to a trap, or you might have to deal with the approaching envoy. Would you let the envoy see your Lord, and have the risk that he could be beaten, or led into a trap? And just how far would you go on behalf of your Lord to ensure that he would never be put into the position to dishonorably refuse the challenge?
Rewards: Meager honor, fair compensation of denars.
Consequences of Failure: Lord relation will be soured a bit at refusal, if you failed on quest, imprisonment.

Title: Appropriations Committee
Objective: Your Lord has entrusted you and some of your fellow soldiers to secure the manor house of a particularly wealthy and strident opponent of your faction (Or, if in a friendly town, a rebel/criminal that has just been revealed). He does not expect much trouble, so entrusts the task to a randomly chosen handful. While of course YOU would never think such a thing, some of your fellow soldiers have applied arithmetic and have decided that less soldiers=less sharing=more loot. Work with your fellow soldiers to defeat the guards, while keeping an eye out for greed induced backstabbing. Then, make the decision yourself as to how much property will mysteriously disappear. Be careful- your Lord will frown upon it if there's nothing left for him.
Possible Variations: Deny the enemy, upon losing a siege give a chance for the player to fight and escape with some goods to make the sudden retirement more comfortable. Unauthorized Levy, only for the most dishonorable or desperate rogues to do, to burglarize a house without cause and without sanction of your Lord.
Rewards: Money, loads of it, perhaps in the form of trade goods. If none of your fellows are alive by the end of it and you are too greedy (A conversation choice at the end?), Lord relation will drop, and perhaps town relation too.  If you're honest, meager honor gain, and relation gain.
Consequences of Failure: No money, and Lord relation drops.

Title: Famine
Objective: The war feeds the war, and the war's favorite food is the peasants. The peasants need food. Won't you help? You can either go to your Lord and burn a bit of relations for food for the peasants, buy food from a merchant, steal food from the supplies, or ignore them.
Possible Variations: Viva La Revolucion! Lead an angry mob at the mercenaries guarding the fat merchant's granary! Mercy for a foreign faction, do this quest for a village your army just looted, to ameliorate enemy faction relation loss and to incite slight relation loss from your own faction.
Rewards: Honor, and slight renown.
Consequences of Failure: Loss of renown.

Title: Not This Time
Objective: Your army is starting to loot a village that you have faction relation with. The Elder appeals to you for help. Are you really willing to throw away everything for the sake of some dirt farmers? Acceptance leads to some choices- trying to win over fellow soldiers to your side, whether or not to tell the peasants to risk their life by rising up against the army with you, whether or not you'll risk telling your Lord to back off (Hopefully with some soldiers at your side, weigh the persuade roll with any soldiers you manage to convince) and losing the element of surprise, or if you'll just straight up revolt and ambush your Lord. No matter what, you'll make an enemy this day- what Lord could tolerate such gross insubordination? But you'll have the eternal gratitude of the village, and less blood to burden your conscience with.
Possible Variations: Getting Dragged Out of Retirement (Okay, this require practically a new game probably, but how cool would THAT be?), The Distraction (Stop looting boys! I saw, like, a MILLION Swadians! Just over that hill! They're hiding now, probably waiting for us to get to looting again!), Stopping it before it begins, A New Faction is Born.
Rewards: Loads of honor, some renown, and the eternal enmity of a Lord, whether you raise your blade or intimidate him out of it.
Consequences of Failure: Imprisonment, and getting kicked out of your army. Or execution, even.

Okay, these are all probably unworkable, but I just had to dump a bunch of ideas. Cool mod by the by.
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Title: Preemptive Strike
**Only applicable if you are serving a faction ruler***
Objective: Those pesky claimants are said to be amassing an army to steal the throne, go kill them. You travel from castle to castle until you find the claimant then start a dialogue with them. If you inform them of your mission they either go hostile or convince you to join them. If they go hostile, the castle guards will join their side and any lords or ladies will huddle in the corner. You just go ahead and kill them there or knock them out and drag them back to your king.
Rewards:With the possible implementation of that new claimants rebel mod, you stop a rebellion before it starts. +20 relations with lord. +30,000 denari (You just stopped a full scale rebellion, you deserve a lot of money) -10 relations with whatever faction claimant was staying with
Consequences: If you join them them you go back to your lord and tell them they got away but when the rebellion starts you desert and are given a good position with the claimant you spared. If failed outright -20 relations with lord -5 relations with whatever kingdom the claimant was staying with


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TITLE : Capture the murderer who has sneaked in your Lord's army to assassinate/capture him.

OBJECTIVE : After getting mission(u will only get assigned to this mission if ur lord is resting and u will be auto assigned the mission) , u will be redirected to scene where u see two/three people running here and there(round u in a circle of 1 meter) and one them is murderer. Talk to him and u will come to know he is murderer, and then capture him after knocking him unconscious!! If u kill him your award will be halved.

REWARDS : 10000 denars 5000 experince 50 renown,6 relation with ur lord and 3 with ur faction and 3 honour.(5000 denars, 2000 experince,30 renown,3 relation with ur lord and 1 with ur faction and 1 honour if u kill the murderer.

FAILURE : Mission will fail if he knocks u unconscious . Chance of getting u captured, -3 relation with your lord and ur lord gets captured, -3 honour.
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