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Has anyone ever seen these units in the campaign?

*Already included in the encyclopedia, and if I'm not mistaken, they belong to a minor faction. But I never saw it in the game.

*I only found in Custom Battle, possibly an "elephant" that escaped and refers to a Nord unit tree?

*I'm not sure if I've seen them, but we have Sword Sister too... Curious.
Now that you mention it, remembering the times when I spawned Sword Sisters in.. I never saw them in the campaign. You would think these would appear in the tavern (if they're flagged as mercenaries?) but.. I've never seen them.

Perhaps some of them, like the regular and veteran fighters.. are just templates accidentally thrown into the spnpccharacters.yml file.


The borrowed and regular borrowed troops come from the quests to train militia for whichever village, the fighters I would guess were added for something to do with arenas that they just never implemented?? That is a total guess.

I do wish Huskarl units were available for Sturgia but they would likely have to rework the entire troop roster for that.

I am more curious who the other cultures are in the encyclopedia that have no troops or nobles tied to them.
>sword sister
NO! Sword sisters have fast light horse and heavy armor on thier bodies, helmet optional!

Barrowed troops nad veteran barrowed troops are for a quest.
Perhaps some of these other's were for some quest or even tournament combatants, but go scrapped.
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