!!Missing things in Bannerlord!! PLEASE edit this small things to complete the masterpiece

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  1. Official controller support + own key assignment option (+ Command menu adjustment for the controller)
  2. More balanced sound volume (Comander to loud, Quest complete sound to loud)
  3. Switch troops between running and mashing option
  4. Reverse block direction option (Block direction wrong on the controller)

  1. When entering a town / city / village on the campaign map, you first have to ride to the place (to see more from every map, and for a feeling like a traveller)
  2. Add 1, 2 small things to discover or to interact in the cities, castles, villages and places you can enter (a bit boring to explore the maps, after 5-6 maps you know that there is not much going on on the next map, so you leave it at the next map. You can still do a lot with these maps, there are great)

Thank you I hope you can implement some of it, I think other players will also like it for the optimal gaming experience,
The game still has abnormally high potential. Do your best. Thanks for such a great game like this.
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