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Missing something or broken mod?

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Sergeant at Arms
So found this mod recently, and from the looks of it and from all the reviews I´ve read this should be on badass hardcore mod, so i gave it a try.
My options were: Peasant revolutionary - Mommy - 1 day before invasion - all options ON, except the heroic one (this should give the most hardcore experience) and a full max difficulty, giving me 209% with my 500 battlesize. Initially this was the hardest mod i´ve ever tried, after the first 5 minutes of getting to know every lord was your enemy (didnt know that). I realized i never got caught with under 100 men in towns, and i went to the end of the map, to raid some villages, plus take a ton of prisoners, commeplty denying my own combat skills as it seemed useless.

After a few hours of playing, on max max difficulty, ive gotten several towns, the invasion force is helping me alot by destroying the sarranids, and money seems unlimted due to all the raiding even with 50k+ per week. It seems rushing the ai, even tho they turn up with thousands of troops doesnt matter, as you can cap their cities so damm fast.

Is something going to happen that makes this really hard as people say? The only thing i changed was turning realisitc weather off, as i got some kinda weird glitch with water everywhere, and with some annoying white stuff flying all over the map and my men running with 200km per hour never dying killing everyone it was complelty messed up.

It seems really hard this mod yesh, very hard. But at the same time it seems extremly easy due to its so combat focused 24/7 and thats it, is it harder if you go with maybe brigand- and choose to become a vassal? Im thinking it can be broken as it seems its really easy in the sense its all about fighting and keep rushing. Which to me is very very dull. Im having way more fun with PoP and find it alot harder. Early game in this game has never been so easy due to the regular skimishers, holy sh*t they decimate everyone. I tried doing a female playthrough too and it was the same result with female warriors.

Anyone else having a very easy time or have i been lucky in my 3 playthrough i have going?

And yes no quitting without saving is on, and i did get my ass kicked and it is a really hard mod. But it seems like the system i use is very easy, and from what others have said they also do the same. Thats why im wondering maybe it´ll get harder? So far its been a steam roll with city takings and a couple huge armies wasting days on one single fief while they lose fief after fief. Really confused by this mercenary spam too, like mercenaries everywhere and it makes it so easy, and makes so many skills, combat skills, trainer, surgery etc etc completly useless as money = easy win.

Same with the killing hundreds of people steam rolling with cavalry, and ranged seems so broken too with all the insane weapons both im able to use, but also the troops. And companions still were insanely cheap like either free or 300 denars, only Marnid with his weapon was expensive. This is just so weird to me as its supposed to be super insanely hard, and i really tried making it all hard thats why i restarted my game 4-5 times by now. It doesnt make sense. Maybe my mod is bugged, as said the weather thing clearly was bugged, as i dont think your troops are meant to be flying around with 200m per hour, i actually maybe it was meant, as strong wind can get your troops flying, but it didnt seem like it, they were just chopping everyone down. It was so weird and annoying to see. :/
I must be missing something?  :ohdear:


This mod is OSP (source code,resources ... ), so you can make it harder at will and  customize according to your own preferences ...


I play this mod off and on and Peasant revolutionary turns out to be an extremely easy way to play compared to some of the others. My most recent file used settings almost identical to yours and I've conquered every Sarranid city and a couple of khergit castles on day 38.  The starting stats are just far too strong with that background.
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