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Missing lords after defection and indicted for treason

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I'm playing on a module based on Native, no mods included, except for a few item mods, and I am currently running a kingdom of my own. After receiving messages of lords defecting and getting indicted for treason, and joining my kingdom, or faction, I usually go straight away to my court, as they are always already there. If you are going to tell me to wait for a few days for them to respawn, then don't, because I've been waiting for them, 3 of them in fact, for 30 days. Their relatives are situated in my kingdom's fiefs, so that baffles me a lot.

Before that, I had 4 lords joining my faction, but out of the 4 lords, I found only one, sitting idly near one of my fiefs. I have no luck regarding the other 3. So, I scoured my game files for any errors or bugs or such, while trying to find them still when I play the game. If anyone knows the fix to this issue, especially those who have experience in resolving an issue similar to mine, please do tell me how. Any help will be much appreciated, really.
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