Resolved Missing Armor and Weapons from stores

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Keep in mind one thing fellas, the armor and weapons available in a city depends if the city has a Smithy (you can verify what armor/weapon ranks said smithy is providing that city.


Was about to say the same thing. Everything except trade goods is refreshing rarely. But its mostly felt on armor cause its the least amount of items compared to others.
Thanks guys I’ll try it out. This is my third character that I almost made a Kingdom with but gave up because lack of skill and armor lol.


Still no new armor for me, did the patch work for you guys?
Didnt try new save, but in my old one i noticed very small amount of new armor mostly for batannians. And some changes on values on certain pieces. Barely bit more armor on traders. Still none vlandian, outside helmets.


Ik haven't noticed any changes. I've just taken out Garios' 800 man army with my 350 men and there was not one good piece of armor to be had. I have only one piece of t6 armor and that's "Rough Tied Bracer" you'll find anywhere. Oh and I have a decent helmet from a tourney. Managed to buy some sturgian lamellar (the one the shock troops wear, not the plate one worn by the heavy infantry) in a sturgian city, but that's it and I own three cities and have over a million now.
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