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I've been working on this mini-mod for quite a while, but now I doubt it's going to become any better, so here it is.

The issue it adresses:
- the original music (added by СiчЪ Studio) has been almost completely replaced with the original M&B music (and partially with some new tracks) in the latest versions of M&B:WFaS. Many players have been dissatisfied with that, your humble servant included (the game has lost enough of its original spirit by being translated into rather plain English, and removing the music was just too much).

What it actually does:
- restores the largest part of the missing tracks;
- the original oim_fight_as_khergit.ogg composition, while impressive, is replaced with a more historically and culturally authentic one;
- other than that, it preserves all the tracks specific to WFaS (though their role in the game is sometimes changed - for instance, the "new" main screen track was demoted to map music, while the "old" main screen song was restored to its rightful place);
- adds more tracks (on-map/town/lord's hall + tavern), among which 3 Swedo-German-themed, 3 Polish-Lithuanian-themed, 4 Turko-Crimean-themed, 4 Ukrainian-themed, some more Muscovy-themed and 1 general European (the new tavern_1.ogg). The main criteria were to preserve the original stylistics as much as possible, and to keep everything more or less authentic to the 17th century.

What it doesn't do:
- changes the total number of tracks, or track names.

- as simple as it gets. Just unpack the archive into the root folder of the game, replacing the files (it will lead to the contents of the Music folder being replaced). If your version is something else that the Steam one, you may need to find the relevant Music folder by yourself and replace its contents in the same manner.

Hopefully it will be enjoyable.


Hi, is it possible for you to share the mod with just all original music files replaced, without new tracks that you added? I'd love that and really appreciate your work.
I completely missed this thread, thanks for making it live! As a person who played pre-Savage Fields WFaS missing the old tracks, I greatly appreciate this mini-mod. I wonder if the removal of those tracks was prompted by the lack of world-wide license to include them everywhere else than in Poland (where the game had been initially released in 2009) by Sich Studio.
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