Minor factions in late game

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I am really enjoying this mod a lot. I'm currently on day ~2500 and lvl 40 (really looking forward to 41), and still having fun with this, mainly due to the huge variety that the minor factions and the reestablishment of beaten factions add to the game. But this is also where have a problem right now.

All the minor factions have at some point held land, but except of the asharians, they all got whiped out, and their lords were split between the mayor kingdoms. In the past it has happened, that the kolkars (who i'd love to see more of) reestablished thmselfes for a week or so, before being beaten again, but for the last 1000+ days, nothing of that kind has happened anymore.

So my question now is, if this is simply a coincidence, or if the possibility of minor factions taking land decreases with game time. I'd love to be able to join the order or the kolkars at some point in my current game, but it looks like i'll have to start a new one, losing my lvl 30+ companions :sad:

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