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I would like the world to have more "players". IE lvl 0 independent clans roaming the map, trying to make a name for themselves.
They don't marry and they tend to be executed if capured by AI - most of them meet their maker in early days.

If they reach clan level 1, they could pick up duty for individual lords(A basic kind of merc-job). Their job could be keeping his demesne clean from bandits.
If surviving into clan.level 2, the liege would accept them as a vassal.

Depending on their random traits, they act differently. Many of them falls into rougery/banditry.

Depending on how far into the campaign is when they spawn, the more and better troops they start with, and a purse to pay for it

T0: Manhunter -> T1:Bountyhunter/Mercenary -> T2: Mercenary/Vassal

T0: Looter -> T1: Bandit/Raider -> T2: Hideout leader

T0: Manhunter -> T1: Road protector -> T2: Caravan driver

Manhunters are hunting criminals for their own benefits only. They operate in the vicinity of their home-town if possible(if they can benefit there). Besides partyleading XP, they slightly develop Social and Intelligence XP och get relation with village-noteables. When/if reaching T1, they have chose to enter the service of a lord or the service of a town.

Bountyhunter/Mercenary is a T1 Manhunter who has entered the service of a single clan. Default behaviour is to continue as a manhunter but within the demesne of the employer. The employer can also call his party to his army if has any. It costs 50% of the partyvages to have such clan and clans can have 1 for each non-village fief.

Road protector is a manhunter who is paid by a city/notable/guild to protect incoming and outgoing cravan transports. They support any such caravans in battle that they encounter while travelling along the most trafficed traderoutes. City pays 50% of the wages and any caravan saved/supported pay´s them 500 gold.

Looter clans are clan parties harassing the countryside with low-tier troops. They individual, attacking villagers, looters and pretty much anything they can beat on the road. If captured by an AI lord, they are executed on spot as they are worth nothing alive.

Bandit/Raider clans are recruited by a banditboss(Working for an hideout). They get share of overall hideout profit and some maintenance discount. They opperate in the hideout area and are extra dangerous as they support friendly banditparties. They develop good relations with gangleaders in nearby towns. If captured, the leader will likely be executed unless he can pay his capturer x2 the nomal release-fee.

Caravan Driver is a T2 road-protecter that has their own caravan in addition to protecting the road. They still are in service of a city, gets relation and 25% partywages covered. They can now be recruited by factionleaders as a vassal clan. Normally only same culture factions has an interest. They should be quite rich and famous if reaching here. From here it continues, untill they are recruited or until they die.

Mercenary/Vassal clans are like player mercenaries. They pledge their services to a faction and fights for them for gold and fame. After a won war, the AI faction leader might recruit them as an ordinary vassal if they feel they benefit from it. Otherevice they continue seeking employ as mercenary untill they becomes vassals or dies.

Hideout leaders are leading the operations from an hideout. They continue to operate as bandits/raiders, now with full aid from any wealth the hideout´s other parties harvests. They will obviosly never be freely recruited by any faction but in case ALL living members in a familly who rules a castle in the hideouts area of inflence is captured he takes over the castle and takes a place as a vassal of that the faction, getting at least 2 new enemies in the process. Othervice they stay banditleaders forever, as long as the clan lives.

When they reach T2, they summons a spouse. They can't improve their clan level from here unless they becomes ordinary vassals. Only 1 such clan for every 3 towns are summoned for each culture. If one is destroyed or recruited by a faction, a new T0 clan is randomly summoned. What type of charachter that is summoned is random. There are never a penalty for executing a banditlord but they pay well!

When the clan level up, it´s leader upgrades their gear abit. At T1 they gets the gear of a T4 troop of equivelent troop-tree. At T2, they upgrade to T5 gear(bandit boss, caravan leader, noble troop)

Bandits you might ofc encounter and rarely in a friendly manner. I´d love to see a bandit path for the player and it could be something like above, which could allow you to build a strong bandit faction with several Raider "vassal" clans.

As a vassaplayer you can come in touch with Bountyhunters/Mercenaries. You have the option to recruit them if they are not recruited allready(If they are, you might have the offer to overbid the current employer.)
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