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Apparently it was. Is now fixed in the newer AT Launcher builds. As of somepoint tonight, the server will update to the latest RR release, so should have several bugfixes.
I would like to add a bit to this post from the great migration thread:
Urgnot said:

So it's been some time since the last post here in this thread - But I'm bumping it to bring attention to any of the old MC'ers from back in the day or any new fellows that fancy joining in. We've set up shop in a new forum and server but still the same community - check it out. Factions PvP as always.

Forum Link: http://m-cw.enjin.com/home​

The Moat Provides.

North-Korea and some other TWers have once again 'migrated' to the reborn MCCenter server, now with less complicated(?) server rules and combat systems.

The server still has that wonderful plugin that removes all combat-related enchantments and potions. The factions system is as it used to be as well.

The current cartographed faction map:

There's currently North-Korea. My faction Alba and TDM in some huge faction who play here. The map isn't brand new but fresh enough as you can see from the map, I'd say most of it is uninhabited.
Everyone's welcome to join Alba, make their own faction or join someone else. I'm happy as long as I can see old faces(names) again.
Right I recently found my first Desert Temple.But because I am somewhat "Leeroy" with my approach to things, I simply charged in there demanding diamonds  :party:

I fell through some hole onto dynamite and died destroying everything as well as my gear  :facepalm:

I revisited to find an abandoned mine situated beneath the hole . What is the best way to deal with Cave Spiders? They all swarm me with venom. I have made multiple trips and replaced my horse a number of times due to the journey.

P.s this is PS4 version
Fighting cave spiders on an analogue stick? You have literally zero chance, build a 2x2x3 house and stay there for the rest of your days.
Drinking milk removes the poison. Fire and arrows are your friend. If there's a spawner, destroy it immediately.
I still play Factions PVP with North Korea. We don't play it much anymore but still do it.

Well this thread is old not sure how I ended up here.
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