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About us
Milites Fortunae (eng. Soldiers of Fortune) is a Multiplayer clan for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Built from a core group of friends and players together since 2013, we are a group of experienced Warband players, admins and developers.

The core members of the group have been together since the formation of the 501st Clone Troopers Legion, a Bear Force II clan and one of the biggest ever groups on Warband. We've attended various events and competitions across all Warband mods for seven years.

Now we're coming to Bannerlord with the objective to create a renowned clan with a focus on premier events and future mod development.
What we offer
Milites Fortunaeprovides new players and veterans alike with a friendly, structured and well organised platform to attend large scale events as well as competitive matches. Our goal has always been an active, flourishing community with space and content for everyone. By joining us you:
  • Enter an established and organised clan
  • Take part in massive game events, or test your merit in our competitive group
  • Get opportunities to train and improve
  • Have an opportunity to show your leadership, competence and take on responsibilities if you choose to pursue a leading role
  • Join an active community and meet great new people
Joining us is simple! We have but a few requirements:
  • Discord account - it's where the magic happens.
  • Steam account and a copy of Bannerlord.
  • A degree of basic maturity and manners
To join us, all you need to do is hop on our Discord server and talk to one of the officers. They'll introduce you to the ins and outs of the clan and important information. After that you'll be placed into a unit based on your experience and gameplay preferences.

There are some additional requirements for leadership and competitive roles:
  • A working microphone
  • A TaleWorlds forum account - we have a really neat forum group for organisation.
Trophy CaseMatch RecordsUseful Links

Bear Force League
Bear Force Autumn Cup
Milites Fortunae 6 - 6 TrollGame Battalion
Milites Fortunae 12 - 1 Milites Fortunae II
Milites Fortunae 7 - 8 Rivia
Milites Fortunae 6 - 6 Arte et Marte
Milites Fortunae 12 - Le Lutel's Guards
Milites Fortunae 4 - 9 Wardens
Milites Fortunae 12 - 2 123
Milites Fortunae 11 - 7 House of Folkesson

Milites Fortunae 7 - 10 Wardens
Milites Fortunae 12 - 4 Sol Egressus
Milites Fortunae 10 - 6 Warriors and Champions

Milites Fortunae 0 - 12 Conquerors
Milites Fortunae 12 - 6 Immortal Brotherhood
Milites Fortunae 7 - 10 Kobetourage
Milites Fortunae 5 - 10 Getting Gud

Milites Fortunae 10 - 6 Greztens' Folkvangr
ECS4Deluge League V
Milites Fortunae 8 - 7 La 7e Compagnie
Milites Fortunae 11 - 3 Dorstons

Milites Fortunae 6 - 6 Schwertbrüderorden
Milites Fortunae 5 - 11 La 7e Compagnie
Milites Fortunae 3 - 10 Schwertbrüderorden
Milites Fortunae 17 - 3 Skrzydlata Kompanija
Milites Fortunae 5 - 13 Getting Gud
Milites Fortunae 5 - 15 Sächsische Infanterie

Milites Fortunae 14 - 6 Skåne Regemente
Milites Fortunae 10 - 10 Chorągiew Królewska
Milites Fortunae 9 - 10 Gall óglaigh
Milites Fortunae 20 - 0 Chorągiew Husarska
Milites Fortunae 20 - 0 Kompania Szwajcarska
Steam Group
TaleWorlds Forum Group
YouTube Channel

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Footage from our 20v20 sparring match with the Rhodanic Republic on Native last week:

Was really fun and intense, if any other sizeable groups would like to give the format a try hit me up.
Video from yesterday's Bello Civili event, the audio is a bit low for some reason but that's easily fixed:

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