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I've done tons of searches and I can't find any information on this, which is surprising because I'd think this is a common request...

Is there any log of messages and events that happen in the game? I know you can press Enter to see a longer list of the constant scrolling garbage in the bottom-left window, but is there any log of the messages from NPCs or world events that come up as icons along the right side of the screen? Things like making peace, or starting armies, or when some prominent lord/lady requests your presence in their kingdom. I've dismissed some of these and then wanted to go back and see the information, but I don't see any way to do so.

I would think something like a journal would be critical to keeping track of events like this. Thanks!


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Not really. If you look at the diplomacy screen and click a thing you can see recent events of each war. If you look at character in the encyclopedia you can see a list of event involving them. I don't think either of these things are comprehensive or useful though. I would rather a more organized system for notification, I hate constant emblems popping up on the map screen and not being able to back out of them or re-call them sometimes if you clock them accidently.
or when some prominent lord/lady requests your presence in their kingdom
Can this even happen?


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I had a notification that Rhagaea was impressed by me and would be excited to have me join her kingdom....

Or something like that. I closed the notification and because there is no log or journal system I can't go back and see what it actually said...
Heh heh maybe I closed them too fast too, never seen that.

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