VC Completed Mercia's Weekly Public Battle (Saturday/19:00 GMT)

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The Kingdom of Mercia will be hosting upcoming events (6*?). This event will be hosted on Mercia's server based in France, so any NA players will need to check stability/ping before the event takes place. Until clan activity picks up to a higher level, we will be using this event slot to allow any players in VC to get involved.

Time: Saturday/19:00 GMT

This event is meant to be an EU event, but we will take in NA players based on their pings.

Structure: (Subject to Change)
We will be hosting a biweekly shield wall event,  which may take the place of this event, but only if attendance reaches a certain level. So, this will be based on feedback/criticism as well.

Starting Pennings/% Accrual: 2500/~1-3%
2 Archer per 25
2 Cavalry per 25
7 Spears per 25
1 banner/horn each per 25
The remainder will use a weapon of their choice with a shield.
12 Rounds of glorious slaughter for Odin and only Odin.

There will be zero limitation on how a unit moves, none of this 5m spacing nonsense (we can worry about that in the upcoming Scildweall events). If you're surrounded by individuals and your team loses, then you failed to adapt as a tactician and leader.

No hacking/exploiting/slurs/bigotry/trollingetc

How to Join?:
Apply here with your clan name/expected attendance/best times and feel free to add me on Steam.

Mercia vs the World?:
I've managed to gather 30 clan contacts, so I will be kicking the fence repeatedly as I round up the cattle. Look ahead to our Scildweall/Naval/Cav/Tournaments/NA only events and maybe more. Also, any additional contacts of NW/Native clans/players that own VC would be appreciated (No, not that one guy).

Mercia will need to roll call our 75 members before stating any #s.


ThorsHammer said:
Do you need to be in a clan or can anyone join ?

We already have plans to set up a Public Battle on the same day before/after this event, but it has not yet been dated. I will be posting several more events for the non-clan members to get involved as well, since we want this community to be involved  :grin:
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