Merchant Princes, a DLC suggestion

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So...I've found myself liking the life of the travelling merchant (sometimes mercenary) life, compared to either becoming a vassal or investing all your profits towards establishing your own kingdom.

But there's something missing. I like Bannerlord not having the WB thing, where you'd get negative rep with faction lords if you turned their join offers down. But the game's presumed "end goal" is still just either vassal lord or establish a kingdom.

Instead, how about this:

1. With a 100 trade skill, you are able to establish a trade company.
2. The trade company has its own "kingdom"-like menu, where you can negotiate trade deals with individual clan and faction leaders.
3. With 20 pt positive relation with a faction, you set up either your own merchant's palace (upgradeable) in a town of your choice, even if not owned by you... or build your own estate in the countryside. Similar to the fortified camps in Viking Conquest.
4. You can contract with factions to keep trade lanes clear from roaming bandits and camps.
5. Getting high rep with one faction leader can decrease rep with the ones they're at war with.
6. A high influence trade company can convince other faction to make on another leader.
7. A trade company may join a faction (at a loss to rep with other faction leaders), but stays a trade company unless player decides to disband it.
8. You may fund bandits to only operate in select regions. Requires rogue skill of 25 pts. They send you tithes of stolen trade goods. Faction leaders may request you to travel them to convince (charm or the rogue skill) that you have nothing to do w the bandits. Failure results in imprisonment and rep loss.
9. Lend money to faction and clan leaders... at an interest.
10. Survive assassination attempts in cities and countryside ambushes, by people who think you have too much influence behind the scenes in Calradia. Or bankrupted merchants who couldn't pay your protection money.

This, of course, also requires new civilian clothing. The merchant coat is just not... rich enough for international trade moguls. Anyway, that was that. Thank you for reading this far, if you did.
Thus to me sounds like something that should be done in a separate game, like mount and blade 3.

To add what you're suggesting to the game would mean a complete rebuild of the whole game adding more data just to add it into the game. Console players don't have infinite space on their hard drives and the Xbox and PlayStation don't have pc quality processers. They struggle enough with big battles as it is (especially xbox one, as that game is optimised for series S and X), without adding a whole other world on top of the one we have.

The type of suggestion your making is the type that should be considered for a sequal and not a DLC.

Saying that though, I think it would make a cool addition to Mount and Blade 3 rise of the merchant lords.
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