Mercenary Workshops and Caravans

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Can we have a function that keeps our Workshops and Caravans neutral when we are mercenary for a faction and another one declares war on it?
As it stands,if you join an ongoing war with a faction that you own a workshop in one of their cities,it will not be seized and it will only produce less/it's revenue will not be handed to you.
But if they declare war on the faction you're a mercenary for,it will be seized.
Caravans act as caravans,you know what I mean and what I wish for them.

While we're talking about workshops and caravans.
Can we make struggling A.I clans be able to owe workshops in their cities and put standing clan members,if needs be,to lead caravans so they can earn EXP and generate income?
In order to not throw the balance of the game off,they'll simply take a caravan off a notable in their cities.
And workshops can be owned by any clans,limited per 1/city per clan,not just the clans that own that city.
My preparation for world conquest(didn't bother finishing, too tedious - too many issues with the game as it is right now) involved me never playing as a mercenary because of this. Workshops/caravans become a total waste of investment(Despite them being better for you financially in terms of efficiency) if you play as a mercenary and you are forced to pick between one or the other. The status quo is probably NOT a choice you want your players to make if you want them to enjoy the game.

One solution is: workshops you own in the capacity as a mercenary are shut down(and NOT seized) when at war with the faction in whose town they are in for the duration of the war. Similarly, caravans are refused entry into towns with factions you are at war with(but not legitimate targets).
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