Mercenary Hideout, Clan Control and Diguised in Towns/Roguery.

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I posted these on reddit (links at the bottom) but will copy/paste here since I was told the devs pay attention here more than reddit.

#1 Mercenary Fief/Hideout

Just a simple idea (on paper at least).

If you're a mercenary then you should be able to benefit from increasing your relationships with the vassals of that faction, and allow you to use their fief as a base (with enough relation, say 15-20). Towns should be a place you can leave some troops too with the ability to collect them, but at a cost (30% of wages).

Edit: And if you have enough renown (a few dozens fights worth lets say) then you can take a hideout for your own with fief-like modifications (some militia, tavern, smithy). Mercenaries will linger hoping to get hired.

If you have the rogue trait, you can do all of the above, but bandits will show up instead.

Milita would be increased based on clan size and would assimilate into the player's first fief. If the player stay's a mercenary they'd be limited to two (maybe 3) hideouts across the map. Troops could be garrisoned there, but limited (say 50ish). Could be raided, but only by smaller vassals (less than 100 in size).

Side note : Merry Men (275 Rogue) should be easier to get, along with leveling/perks taking too long. While it seems the idea is for characters to have a 'role', but it's so painfully slow, while mods could fix this, the base game - I believe - will suffer for it.

Edit #2: Unrelated to title. I think if companions get captured and escape, they automatically seek out your party and rejoin it. If they rejoin and your party is 'overloaded' then it would kick out a recruit or lowest tier troop to allow the companion back in. Pretty dumb that your companions don't actively look for you when they escape, not to mention it seems the troops given/their equipment is irrelevant in their battle prowess on their own.

#2 Disguised in Town and their benefits

I think the disguise system should work like it did back in Warband. However, here are some suggestions I'd do to roguery to make it beneficial for such situations.

First and foremost, if you get caught no reason that the only option we have is to surrender. None. Whatsoever. Warband's way was fine.

You should be able to have a basic disguise (perhaps another menu along with 'normal attire' 'battle attire' etc?), that you could customize your disguise loadout, being limited based on roguery stat. As you get higher, you unlock more "holdout" items (like sneak in fallout new vegas). Eventually being able to equip light/medium armor etc. However, as you level Roguery, gangs in that town will know your reputation and will assist you, no relations necessary. Helping you fight the guards, or smuggling you in the town for a fee.

On the flipside, if you don't have roguery (or no plans for it), then having relations with the notable npcs will help you, being able to bribe guards to look the other way or pay to be smuggled into the city.

In the future, I hope to see this be a way to sabotage towns/castles before a siege, greatly increasing the siege speed / give a major advantage in capturing it. Burning the food stores to make them surrender, blowing holes in the walls, secretly changing the guard with your own troops to open the gates. etc. etc. Many possibilities.

#3 Companions and Relations

With the recent update to Bannerlord being able to see companions or those in your clan from across the map is awesome. And makes sense if you think of how you'd normally use messengers to communicate anyways.

However, one thing I do not like currently is how you can gain/lose relations due to your companions activities without being able to regulate or control their actions. Clans and Nobles I'm 40+ relation with randomly going down by as much as 10 points due to no fault of my own, and without knowing the reason is very alarming.

I'd appreciate a way to learn how I've gained/lost relations due to my 'clans' actions. I'd also go a step further and request the option to forbid certain nobles/clans from being attacked. So if Clan A is at war with us, they'll still attack vassals, but let them go if they win. If they have caravans, they'll be ignored. That sort of thing.

On the flip side, I'd also like the ability to 'target' other clans, which would be the reverse of the aforementioned. Attack enemy vassals and capture them (to sell) and raid/pillage caravans and fiefs owned by enemy clans.

Again, along with explanations of what caused the rise/fall of relations with those individuals. Would be much appreciated.

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