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Just check if in every entry you made, everything you copied out of this thread, that everywhere where you need it to say horde it actually says horde. My guess is, that somewhere in the code for the horde you wrote geroian.

game menu said:
    ("enter_horde_camp",[(eq, "$g_encountered_party", "p_merc_camp_horde"),],"Enter  the Black Khergit Camp.",[
    (assign, "$g_mt_mode", tcm_default),   
    (set_jump_entry, 1),
    (set_visitor, 2, "trp_ahmad"),
    (set_visitor, 5, "trp_black_khergit_guard"),
    (set_visitor, 6, "trp_black_khergit_horseman"),
    (set_visitor, 7, "trp_black_khergit_horseman"),
    (set_visitor, 8, "trp_black_khergit_guard"),
    (set_visitor, 9, "trp_black_khergit_horseman"),


seems that everything`s alright. I took all the codes from one topic, the author of this topic shared a link.


Knight at Arms
KnightV said:
seems that everything`s alright. I took all the codes from one topic, the author of this topic shared a link.
Share the "mercenary" code in the "game menus" , the problem is probably there.



It's interesting :grin:。I join the military encounter dialogue

behind this :

[party_tpl|pt_manhunters,"manhunter_talk_b2", [], "Bah. They're holed up in this country like rats, but we'll smoke them out yet. Sooner or later.", "close_window",[(assign, "$g_leave_encounter",1)]],

[party_tpl | pt_manhunters | plyr, "manhunter_talk_b", [], "Yes, Right in front of you, can't you see them yet?","manhunter_talk_b3", []],
[party_tpl | pt_manhunters, "manhunter_talk_b3", [],"Excuse me, what you said? How dare you! Don't crack joke {mate/girlie}!", "lord_ultimatum_surrender",[]],
[party_tpl | pt_manhunters | plyr, "manhunter_talk_b", [], "I wish to recruit you, may I ?","manhunter_talk_b4", []],
[party_tpl| pt_manhunters , "manhunter_talk_b4", [], "You have to ask our Head directly about this.", "close_window", [(assign, "$g_leave_encounter",1)]],

[party_tpl|pt_order,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Discipline & Obey !", "order_talk_b",[(play_sound,"snd_encounter_vaegirs_neutral")]],
[party_tpl|pt_order|plyr,"order_talk_b", [], "What does the Knights order do?", "order_talk_b1",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_order,"order_talk_b1", [], "Our sword just defend our faith, however, Defending faith interest usually also accord with our King against foreign enemies.", "order_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_order|plyr,"order_talk_b", [], "I heard about Friar Knights can't get married?", "order_talk_b2",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_order,"order_talk_b2", [], "Yes, celibacy, dedication, loyalty.(No Legitimate wife doesn't mean no illegitimate children).", "order_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_order|plyr,"order_talk_b", [], "I hear you're good at fighting, Do you mind if we try today,haa?","order_talk_b3", []],
[party_tpl|pt_order, "order_talk_b3", [],"{mate/girlie}, How dares you to despise steel-bucket knight of God ?", "lord_ultimatum_surrender", []],
[party_tpl|pt_order|plyr,"order_talk_b", [], "I need powerful mercenaries, may I recruit you?", "order_talk_b4",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_order, "order_talk_b4", [], "You have to ask our Commander directly about this.","order_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_order|plyr, "order_talk_b", [], "God bless you.", "close_window", [(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],

[party_tpl|pt_companions,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "I will drink from your skull !", "companion_talk_b",[(play_sound,"snd_encounter_sea_raiders")]],
[party_tpl|pt_companions|plyr,"companion_talk_b", [], "Are you pirates? Murder, Robbery, Rape and Arson, Eaven little girls?", "companion_talk_b1",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_companions,"companion_talk_b1", [], "That history is looong time ago, We also be trade and art very well. Unless I'm not happy today.", "companion_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_companions|plyr,"companion_talk_b", [], "Do you fight for Nord's king?", "companion_talk_b2",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_companions,"companion_talk_b2", [], "Not necessarily. We usually be employed with private combat affairs.", "companion_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_companions|plyr,"companion_talk_b", [], "Simple minded and well-developed's fool, also stinks to make me vomit!","companion_talk_b3", []],
[party_tpl|pt_companions, "companion_talk_b3", [],"How lucky you to make me feel so good today! {mate/girlie}!", "lord_ultimatum_surrender", []],
[party_tpl|pt_companions| plyr, "companion_talk_b", [], "I need strong warrior, Can I hire you?", "companion_talk_b4", []],
[party_tpl|pt_companions, "companion_talk_b4", [], "You have to ask our leader directly about this.","companion_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_companions| plyr,"companion_talk_b", [], "Let me go.", "close_window",[(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],

[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Good hunting and fight well !", "brotherhood_talk_b",[snd_encounter_vaegirs_ally]],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood|plyr,"brotherhood_talk_b", [], "Good for hunting, brother.", "brotherhood_talk_b1",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood,"brotherhood_talk_b1", [], "It should be so.", "brotherhood_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood|plyr,"brotherhood_talk_b", [], "I wish you every shoot in a deer's eye, brother.", "brotherhood_talk_b2",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood,"brotherhood_talk_b2", [], "The same to you {mate/girlie}.", "brotherhood_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood|plyr,"brotherhood_talk_b", [], "Since ice hasn't broken off your little brother, Why didn't try to use my sword?","brotherhood_talk_b3", []],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood, "brotherhood_talk_b3", [],"How could I meet such a mean person! Don't crack joke {mate/girlie}!", "lord_ultimatum_surrender", []],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood| plyr, "brotherhood_talk_b", [], "I need good hunters, Can you join us?", "brotherhood_talk_b4", []],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood, "brotherhood_talk_b4", [], "You have to ask our Master directly about this.","brotherhood_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_brotherhood| plyr, "brotherhood_talk_b", [], "Good day, hunters.", "close_window", [(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],

[party_tpl|pt_ranger,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "My eyes on you {mate/girlie}, Put your hands where I can see. ^My dearest brother?", "ranger_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger|plyr,"ranger_talk_b", [], "Take easy brother, Are you forest bandits?", "ranger_talk_b1",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger,"ranger_talk_b1", [], "No? No! no no no NOOO! They also kill civilians for money, But We clean bandits all of them. That's misunderstanding.", "ranger_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger|plyr,"ranger_talk_b", [], "Are you the ones who fight to outlaws? brother?", "ranger_talk_b2",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger,"ranger_talk_b2", [], "Unhumm, and also fight for freedom and protection commoners. Whether the enemy is the Lord or any king.", "ranger_talk_b",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger|plyr,"ranger_talk_b", [], "Sound you likes a very honest's good man, How about lending us some Dinar?","ranger_talk_b3", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger, "ranger_talk_b3", []," Are you going to rob us in the wilderness? Don't crack joke {mate/girlie}!", "lord_ultimatum_surrender", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger| plyr, "ranger_talk_b", [], "I need good Riding Archer, mabe you can join us?","ranger_talk_b4", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger, "ranger_talk_b4", [], "(Silence ...... ).","ranger_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ranger| plyr, "ranger_talk_b", [], "We just passing by.", "close_window",[(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],

[party_tpl|pt_ashashin,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Do you have any business with us?", "ashashin_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin|plyr,"ashashin_talk_b", [], "I heard you killed and robbed??", "ashashin_talk_b1",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin,"ashashin_talk_b1", [],"If so, what can you do for us? It's none of your business.","ashashin_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin|plyr, "ashashin_talk_b", [], "My men need to practice a bit, to arms!", "ashashin_talk_b3",[]],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin, "ashashin_talk_b3", [],"No one dares to talk to us like this.", "close_window", [(call_script, "script_change_player_relation_with_faction", "$g_encountered_party_faction",-3),(encounter_attack),]],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin| plyr, "ashashin_talk_b", [], "I need good assassin, May I recruit you?","ashashin_talk_b4", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin, "ashashin_talk_b4", [], "You have to ask our Chief preacher directly about this.","ashashin_talk_b", []],
[party_tpl|pt_ashashin| plyr, "ashashin_talk_b", [], "Leave me alone, I have no business with you.", "close_window",[(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],

[anyone | plyr, "mercenary_recruit", [
(lt, "$g_talk_troop_faction_relation", 0),
(store_relation, ":players_kingdom_relation", "$g_talk_troop_faction", "$players_kingdom"),
(this_or_next | ge, ":players_kingdom_relation", 0),
(this_or_next | eq, "$players_kingdom", 0),
(eq, "$players_kingdom", "fac_player_supporters_faction"),
(neq, "$players_oath_renounced_against_kingdom", "$g_talk_troop_faction"),

(is_between, "$g_talk_troop_faction", org_fac_begin, org_fac_end), #
(str_store_faction_name, s4, "$g_talk_troop_faction"), ],
"I wish to make peace with the {s4}.", "tuanzhang_ask_pardon", []],

[anyone, "tuanzhang_ask_pardon",
(store_sub, ":hostility", 3, "$g_talk_troop_faction_relation"),
(val_mul, ":hostility", ":hostility"), # square it
(store_mul, reg16, ":hostility", 3),

(str_store_faction_name, s4, "$g_talk_troop_faction"),
"I have bigger worries than you. However, you have wronged my brothers, and wrongs demand compensation. For the sume of {reg16} denars, I suppose that I could agree to grant you a pardon. What do you say?",
"lord_ask_pardon_2", []],
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