Mercenary and bounty hunter contracts

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Currently, I see the AI setting up all these contracts to get mercenaries to fight for them.

Yet as the player, it is very inconvenient... you have to fight and release to gain relations with the group, then hunt down the group leader, then convince them to work for you. And even then, they drop you like a bad habit as soon as another faction calls them to fight. It is a big waste of time to try to employ them as a player.

They give you the whole "I dont trust you enough to work for you" line when trying to recruit them at low relation.... but that is the whole point of mercenaries, you dont need to build trust and loyalty with them first. They just need your money.

So, why not a simple recruitment tab on the clan management screen for rulers? I should be able to send out the call for mercenaries looking for work, and simply pay money and/or influence to get them on board.

Another idea is a different type of mercenary, a bounty hunter.

They could be tasked with hunting down a specific faction, or even a specific lord.
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