SP Medieval Mercantilism - Version 0.72 (01.11.15 - new download)

Do you prefer troops with faction specific names like Nord Fyrdman or would you prefer Nord Infantri

  • I prefer faction specific names. (Nord Fyrdman/Huskarl)

    Votes: 79 61.2%
  • I prefer descriptive names. (Nord Infantrie/ Nord Elite Infantrie)

    Votes: 41 31.8%
  • I don't care.

    Votes: 9 7.0%

  • Total voters


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I found a very serious bug. For some reason, my town Kaiserhafen turned into a village (the menu of a town turned into a village menu, which means I can not access my castle and all the other stuff, which basically means my town's property is not a village), any idea why??