Menavlion Infantry

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what is the point in randomiser perk at all? why not just give spatha+some movement speed bonus? How having random equipment should make gameplay better?
Iunno. I guess part of me feels like the Spatha might be a bit too strong, but I also know how wimpy the Gladius is compared to other shortswords in the game. So I guess rather than giving a much stronger shortsword than other factions or giving the Menavlion a wimpy weapon as a perk weapon, it'd probably be best to have "random shortsword" and handwave it as an object from a trophy kill. So you'd have a 1/6 chance of getting a one-hander that's better than other shortswords, but you'll always have a 6/6 chance in getting a weapon that's much better than the wimpy Gladius.
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