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Summary: I don't think bannerlord typically uses up 26gb of memory.
This is after having the game open for several hours. I was playing a new ironman campaign game in 1.6. I've been in multiple tournaments probably 10+ and have been traveling the map. No crashes before I restarted to clear memory, so thats good at least.

Edit: I crashed right as i was submitting this post. attached the dump modifier. Also realized while not having any mods activated i did have some leftover folders, i've deleted them now and will see if the memory is still an issue.
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Interesting comment from the standpoint....At least 3 times recently I've crashed while adding a post to the forums. I don't crash often, although lag has been a major issue for me since the 4/29 update. I have 2 monitors, so a lot of times I'll leave the game open on one monitor while using the other to report something. It helps to check the accuracy of what I'm typing. In the past I never really had crashes while typing in forums. The game I'm currently on is 1.5.10.

I know this isn't the main topic of this post, but since you mentioned it I thought I'd add my experience with it.
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