Memers of Calradia: I Want You!


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This thread exists for memes in general. But also for a more specific purpose: To recruit skilled memers who can help those of us oldsters with meme dreams turn them into a reality!

I am a relative oldster who never bothered to learn some basic internet meme skills (photoshop, cutting video content for gifs, etc.). But even us oldsters have ideas for memes. What's such an oldster, therefore, to do? (Certainly not take the time to actually learn new skills?!? Come on!).

Conversely, I wonder if there youngsters out there with all the skills with the photoshops and the internets who run out of material for their constant meme production.

The solution: This thread! Oldsters should follow certain due diligence rules (e.g. use the googles and the inter-blogs to try to see if a meme already exists first). And oldsters should recognize that they concede all credit for the resulting memes to the skilled youngsters. Assuming that, this should just be a win-win. More memes for all!

I'll lead off with an example, playing the role of the unskilled oldster: There's a great/terrible 90s fantasy action-adventure movie called Dragonheart. Generally, memes abound. But especially, there's a scene (about 4:35 - 7:02 give or take) where the evil king (father of the main villian), when attacking a rebellious village, goes off alone to start burning the peasant hovels. But then, the peasants spring out of their trap (!), surround him, drag him down, and circle beat him to death with hammers, pitchforks, etc. [Spoiler Alert] It occurs to me that this is pretty much exactly what always happens when the player goes off alone in a siege assault against a garrison that has reinforcements: 40 haggard unarmored peasants appear out of nowhere and circle beat you to death.

So ... I demand that someone get to work and make that a meme!
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