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Memento Mori is a Bannerlord team founded by TheBard in April 2021 to compete in BEAST#5. Our goal is simple: Dedicated competitive team with the ambition to rise as high as possible, playing as many tournaments as possible, smash as many opponents as possible and making the least compromises necessary to achieve all this. Our goal is to enter this scene with loudest bang we can create. The team is themed around the game Dead by Daylight, hence after joining our ranks you will get assigned a title which becomes part of your name as long as you play in the active roster of Memento Mori. After rejoinining the active roster you're eligible for a new title (or old one, if free). Due to the inflexible clan system of Bannerlord we use the tag [Mor] - a necessary compromise since the wished tag [Mori] is not available unfortunately.

Memento Mori managed to get first in Division C in BEAST#5. Due to lack of players, the team is disbanded.


Active Roster
Bard the Legion

Daban the Pig

gellert the Spirit

hoonii the Plague

JaximusFate the Blight

Orpsel the Trickster

Honorary Membership & Reserve
Gsälzbär the Nurse

Scherdinger the Deathslinger

Zettaiken the Oni

I could swear It spoke to the beast. It came to a halt, as if calmly listening to the leaves rustling, and then... grinned.

Interested to join? Our requirements:

"To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy."


10-6 Resolute Snails

12-0 Deutschritter Superbia

10-4 High Five

12-3 Savage French Baguette

12-1 Black Team

5 W - 0 D - 0 L

Interested to join or looking for a thrilling training match? Reach out to TheBard. You may aswell join our Discord server here.

Graphics kindly provided by Obelix.
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That's quite the potpourri of characters.
Not gonna lie I am really curious about the team.
@TheBard ✂ my boy I think you will have quite the handful with them.

Either way all the best to you!
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