Need More Info [Melee System] Swing sometimes hangs (and does not release/attack), usually when chaining

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Sometimes when holding an attack, the game glitches out and the attack doesn't actually release (character stays in "weapon held" mode), i've noticed this happening mostly with the chaining animation.

I haven't been able to reproduce this at will, but i've seen it happen enough to observe it as a consistent problem or bug. I've also seen other players mention experiencing this in text chat.

This is how it happens:
  • Approach enemy to fight
  • The usual exchange of feint, swing, block
  • Player does a chain attack
  • (the actual bug) Weapon hangs at "ready position" even when mouse button is released
  • Player must click RMB or LMB again to "unfreeze"
This happened to me few times as well. It just happens randomly and intermittently. I guess chain attacks causes this bug. Never experienced freezing while landing a first attack on the enemy


I do experience it quite regularly, after chaining and in some other circumstance (like after attacking) your character just hangs in the ready animation and instead of attacking he just stops the action without pressing of a block.
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