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? MEET THE TEAM - Risen Manifest Silver [RMS]

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Risen Manifest Silver is a recent development and attempt by Risen Manifest to field a second team. It’s clearly multi-national and incorporates a variety of players with different backgrounds. The first attempt of RMS was in BEAST 4 and collapsed afterwards. This team now is placed in Division B and appears to be one of the contenders for the top of the Division. MnB Comp managed to nail down Carnifex, Krisee and BruXselLes for an Interview. Let’s see what they have to say!

Hello and thank you already for taking time to talk to me. RMS is the second attempt of RM to create a secondary team. Can you tell us a bit about your journey so far?
First of all, I'm not the first person to try or set up RM's 2nd team, but I am the first person to succeed.As you know, this is our 2nd tournament.We had a small KO tournament adventure and a good ranking.

Your roster piques my interest since it’s a potpourri of different characters. Can you tell us a bit about these very different players you unite under the tag RMS?
At first we had more than 10 players on our roster.The first person I recruited was Krisee. We met Krisee at RM pickups and he was improving his game play every day. He was one of the players who inspired me to form this team. Over time, we eliminated these players and eliminated the people we would not continue on.Afterwards, strong players wanted to join our team. For example Aiku and Keykubat. When our squad got stronger, of course, I wanted to call players who are suitable for the team level. For example Hypezz , Bruxseles. Actually, I have been following these players for a long time and such a thought has been in my mind for a long time. It was always on my mind to team up with these people.

You participated in the Winter Cup and made it to Semi Finals, with Divitiarum being the stop sign. Care to share your view of that tournament?
Brux: It was fine actually, we had fun. It was literal beginning of this team. The roster there was not completed, we were still choosing players. And we had a match where we mixed the teams with RM as well. It basically was for fun and getting the community together, right boys?
Carnifex: It was good experiences for us. The KO tournament was a very good experience for us, we played against a Division A Team, Divitiarum and a Division C team, BT.
Krisee: It was good for us to figure out what we want to have in our team.
Brux: Yes, and who is committed.
Krisee: Yes, exactly that.

I also see you have the host of the tournament on your roster. I think it’s been your premiere as tournament host next to co-hosting BDC V with Obelix. Did you enjoy your task? Will you host the next Draft Cup?
Krisee: Erm, I don’t think I will host the next BDC, to be honest. It is a lot of *snip* which happens to you when you are hosting. You also have to play after it.
BruX: Please do it. I wanna see how much I am worth.
Krisee: I think Obelix will host the next edition. For now hosting tournaments is not anything I am considering.

Now coming to your team now, who is your IGL? As I’m usually the one calling shots myself in the team I always am fascinated and interest how ‘colleagues’ so to say see this unique task and what their thoughts are.
Krisee: I started as RMS IGL but thankfully we have BruX here.
BruX: They made me do it, I am held hostage. If any team here wants to save me, I am supposed to be Cav.
Krisee: Not any disrespect to any other IGLs in Division B, but BruX is the best tactician in the Division.

Is this team designed as a one-shot or do you intend to claim a more permanent position in Division B?
BruX: We started right now in Division B, I wanted to start in C, but we got the spot in B. And we are currently doing pretty well. I hope this going on and I hope we can play for Division A. But this is not our main goal right now, this is our first season, so we try to best we can.
Carnifex: We started from Division B and it was good for us. We have so many good players. If we’d start from Division C or lower, we can’t hold them here. This team won’t be a oneshot, I’m working on it.
BruX: There is high possibility of HINQ recruiting Krisee, because he is legend.
Krisee: What
BruX: You’ll see, zorkeN was typing me, he wants to buy Krisee. He’s going to pay me 2000 ingame loot.
Krisee: I don’t think that’s a lot actually, this should be more, come on.
BruX: it’s going to be 50.000 turkish lira.
Carnifex: That is not a lot.

Do you have favorite opponents?
BruX: We play everyone, we give chances to lower division teams, we try to play Div A teams, but they reject us often. Who do we play the most from Division B?
Carnifex: DR2.
BruX: We played everyone the same time. Except for KW, they didn’t want to train with us, because we “are going to lose anyway”.
Carni: Yes, we are losing hard to HINQ.
Krisee: I don’t agree.
BruX: Yeah, I don’t know.

How are your feelings towards the recent changes introduced to the game by NIN3?
BruX: What changes?
Carnifex: I think NIN3 is working very good. This gold gaining on Cav is OP on Sturgia and on Empire too. Empire Light Cav I’m forced to assists and I am getting 20 gold for an assists. And on Sturgia, if you lasthit, you get 20 gold. It should be, how can I say, they should fix it, balance it.
BruX: I think he’s doing a decent job, it’s hard to balance multiplayer games. I think the game is broken trash inself – I think archers are annoying and OP as hell. It should be way easier to kill an archer with cavalry. But this is my personal opinion, many players in higher Division are going to disagree with it.
Krisee: Maces are too good.
BruX: 90 Damage with mace to head is too strong. And dot is OP, please remove dot. Or add the option to the game, that would be nice. If you remove dot, suddenly Varadin cannot play, suddenly he becomes a Division D player.
Carnifex: Don’t ban Varadot bro, mercy please.

If you have an “inspiration”, a player who you admire regarding her or his playstyle, which would it be for each of you?
BruX: I’m not that into looking at other players, but I enjoy Chao’s playstyle. I like that he is an aggressive infantry, he’s not S-Keying in Teamfight, I like the teamplaying, offensive style that Chao’s presenting.
Krisee: I second Chao. He taught me 90% of what I know, so thank you Chao.
Carnifex: Relexan’s cavalry playstyle is my role model. I try to train with him and he tries to teach me. I want to say “thank you” to him. I like his gameplay and it’s fitting my mentality

How are your connections to the parent team, Risen Manifest?
Krisee: We have lots of Turkish commands to mental boost us.
BruX: at this point I’m learning Turkish commands as well. And I am screaming “engage” in Turkish. The connection is strong; they are watching our games, Jufasto was really helpful sometimes. They sometimes join our trainings and blast music all over our ears, but it’s a nice connection. I am very happy that they are not interfering with our team – they are not trying to take Aiku for example from the team.
Carnifex: Jufasto and Koso are really good and are giving mentalities for us on the matches. Relexan too.
BruX: They react with hearts under our scores.
Carnifex: They are a really mental boost.
Krisee: It’s nice to have their support and have them around.
BruX: Now we’re on our journey to **** them up. It feels they are raising a child that can surpass them, like Michael Schumacher in F1.

Alright, thanks for being open so far. What are your goals for this season?
BruX: Our goal is to strengthen the team, it’s not really winning Division B. Trying to get to Division A is a sidequest. The main quest is getting the six, seven players all together, making trainings, learning the game better. We are not veterans in the game, we’re pretty new to it on this level. We are not even half as good as the Division A players. Just making the team better. It’s working out pretty well right now.

There was some drama it appears with KW. Care to shed some light on that for us?
Krisee: Imagine not resetting against four players.
BruX: Well, what can I say man… There was previous drama between Carnifex and someone from KW.
Krisee: Death
BruX: Yeah, there was some trashtalking, so getting into the game so getting into the game was emotional because they were trashtalking our boys. It was going smoothly, normal game. Suddenly on the second map we had one guy disconnecting and we asked in between for a remake. They disagreed, twice even, so I said we should give our best. Instead of IGLing, I went to cav myself, Kris was IGLing the infantry a bit. And we won the fight even though a player in the middle of the fight dropped, so another crash, so we fought the last fight with one more less again. And we mental-boomed the enemies. And on the last set we came back from a 0-2 and came back to win the entire thing.
Carnifex: How can I say, they trashtalked us before the match. They are talking too much before the game. I don’t think any of the RMS players said anything. We played and they lost, that’s all. If you are trashtalking, you have to handle the answers.
BruX: We wouldn’t counter-trashtalk or make the video if they agreed to a Remake. Score doesn’t matter, it’s not fair to play 5v6 or 4v6. They didn’t give good answer, Obelix just posted “lol no.”
Carnifex: First, Sindarin crashed on round start, after that we won and HypeZ crashed middle of said round and we won the round. After that we asked again for a reset because we played with 4 players. I can’t understand this.
BruX: Even losing 5v6 and not giving us another reset for a 4v6 is extreme. It really shows that you want to win at all cost. You don’t want to win it fairly on a 6v6. We asked both times in the start of the round and were rejected. And then we started trashtalking at the end as well, lol. We felt justice, that came upon them.

This week you are scheduled to face off the second team of Destiny Masters, Distinction Masters. Due to new heat in the eternal drama between Risen Manifest and Destiny Masters, do you have a message for your adversaries? Do you think you can beat the colorful troupe around bard?
BruX: Don’t jinx it. I’m telling it to RMS.
Krisee: Good luck, have fun.
Carnifex: Yeah, good luck, I’m looking forward to it.
BruX: We can summarize it as Zoomer IGL vs Boomer IGL

Do you think inviting all the Division A team leaders into one Discord is going to be a bloodbath or a fun idea? Or both?
Krisee: Absolutely both.
BruX: When I see one argument in the chats when everyone is there... Suddenly they are all arguing over different stuff and trashtalking each other. I think the leaders might be a bit less *snip* but I think the bloodbath is going to be there. Unless there are some good rules. Some big egos are going to leave after being muted. Oh, wait, scratch the muting. I want to enjoy it.
Carnifex: I will bring popcorn.

Roasting time. Free choice. You know the drill. Who shall it be?
BruX: I don’t like trashtalking because I am not good myself. I would rather trashtalk team action and people’s behavior, but I don’t like pointing fingers, but the only beef we had was KW. Actually there is one person and that is Spooky, technically I was kicked – I was demoted from Main team and then I left. I’m not going to share private details, but it was not just from him. I am doing fine with leading if I am allowed to lead how I want – and I am pretty successful. To the other VW boys, I love you guys, you made me a better play, but screw Spooky.
Carnifex: This is not my first clan. WTF, my first clan asked me to create a second team. I tried to create it and when I found English players to join our team they said “you can’t take them, they're not Turkish.” Like, what, you told me to create a second team – I should be allowed to invite who I want. They gave me five or six players and they did not join any trainings. Another team invited me to join RM2 and they rejected my idea: “you can’t go.” And I left. They should look now, I created RMS and they should look now how good this team is now. Lammelot, you are dutch, not German!
BruX: Actually he is German, but Swamp German like Krisee,.
Krisee: I had some beef with Obelix about a day after we played our match – I won’t call anyone out but screw Lars, I’m not a Belgian, screw BruX, I don’t have a big nose, screw Runcop because he duels like a chicken.

Did I miss anything?
Brux: #freevaradot
Carnifex: #freevaradot
Krisee: #freevaradot


With this the interviews for this season are concluded. We will go forward with the pre-finals talk after Week 5

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