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? MEET THE TEAM: Deutschritter Furor [DR]

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MnB Comp spoke with one of the ‘Dinosaur’ Division A teams, Deutschritter Furor. Deutschritter Furor is one of the tournament teams of the parent clan Deutschritter, which at their prime featured three teams, which all competed for the top of their respective divisions. It is one of the oldest clans, the only Language team in Division A next to HINQ and around since the Beta of Bannerlord. Firunien, Gotha, Calle and Dextrus took some of their time to answer our questions.

Can you guys reiterate the backstory of Deutschritter and maybe more precise on your team?
The Deutschritter clan was founded by the German forum community during the Warband beta and has been a top-notch German clan for a while before disbanding for the first time. The first revival kicked off soon after and quickly worked their way up to being the best German Warband clan yet again, with the only real opposition being Kreuzritter which never recovered from the beating we gave them. In 2013 the clan disbanded once again. In between the DR name was held up for a 5v5 tournament claiming second place, but no further efforts regarding a proper revival were made. So now we are at the third iteration now for Bannerlord. As they say third time's the charm and we're hopeful for it lasting a thousand years.
It started with NoVa and SvÄn calling for their old bannermen - and funnily enough some Kreuzritters like Gotha - and handing out some beta keys and many old faces answered the call. We ended up with a mix of casual players and absolute tryhards, some of which were quickly disillusioned by the state of the game, but quite a number stayed and started building the community as well as a competitive core of players. We formed teams for Skirmish based on skill, so the first team later known as Furor was founded, while the less tryhard minded folks formed another squad. The first team leader was Bard and we had a lot of team members which left us. Our roster was good, but not as competitive and skilled as we needed it to be, since we wanted to challenge the top teams. Our results were 5th and 6th places in the early BEASTS, when it was still 8 teams per division. By the end of 2020 we hit sort of a roadblock with morale somewhat low and the team being stuck, while the meta wasn't exactly favoring our roster. To revitalize the team, we had to make some hard decisions, changed leadership, and wound up with Firunien taking the reins. We got 4th instead of 3rd in BEAST#4, after HINQ ‘graciously’ granting a default to GGs, finally 3rd in BEAST#5 and 4th again in BEAST#6, so we certainly improved, but couldn't quite make it to the level of RM and DM. At the end of 2021 Firunien decided to step down from team lead and IGL, so now we're gearing up for BEAST#7

Okay, Rosters boys! Tell us who you will send in for BEAST 7 and if you have newcomers in your team?
For Archers we have TheRealPablo and Yans. Infantries of our Squad are Gotha, Dextrus, OneClips and Calle; Cavalry are Lars, Roman and Firunien. We have no ‘newcomers’ in the team because we believe that this team has what it takes to challenge the top teams, BEAST 6 and the KO-Tournament we didn’t practice at all or play a lot for that matter, if we change that for BEAST 7 everybody should watch out for the black cross on white ground.

Deutschritter Furor has shown a resilience and survivability many other teams do not have, especially your core players are quite resistant, with Firunien, Gotha and Dextrus being around since BEAST 1. Pablo also is also around for a year now. If anything, this can be described as the most stable Division A Roster there is. Why did you survive in this harsh environment of Division A while many others disbanded or dropped?
Dextrus: Long breaks in between each season and a good community…
Gotha: (Laughing) “Good” community.
Dextrus: … to also play other games than Bannerlord, always helps with getting back your ‘strength’.
Calle: Beer. German beer as well. Everyone kinda stays, they are not going anywhere else.
Gotha: German Discipline.
Firunien: Because we have a big community. We also try to avoid drama.
Dextrus: Except when Arni or Argentum are involved.

If you would be able to name favorite opponents which teams would that be?
Firunien: Div because we have a 1-1 record with them. And now it’s time to proof who is best.

Would you wish any teams and/or players ‘back from the dead’? You have seen them all come and go so far in Division A.
Dextrus: SGM was nice, but it is good to see HINQ back from the dead too.
Firunien: I am wondering if Whee is making another attempt.
Dextrus: Whaag was also kinda sympathetic.

We know that there is a long-term rivalry between RM and DM and now since you are in that shark tank we call Division A from the start, was there a similar rival for you in all this time? If so, which team was it and/or is it now?
Firunien: No, we didn’t have a specific long-term one, we had a different one each season, like SGM, GG or Div.
Dextrus: GG in BEAST 4 was the biggest drama with them quitting last set.
Goblin: Everything was a ‘gg’ except GG.

You made it third in BEAST 5 and if there is something about Deutschritter Furor, then it’s the fact that you guys are not ‘constant’ – either you play amazing (like in BEAST 5) or you dodge demotion zone. If I’d try to count the times DR Furor has been called ‘over’, it has been ‘too many to count’. Do you wish to comment on that?
Firunien: I’d say it’s stupid because Place 3 is one place above demotion zone. We just couldn’t challenge RM or DM. Yet. Also were very inactive the last two seasons.
Dextrus: We also don’t just stack up players into a new team each sason to challenge for the top spots. Just us playing in Div A with a german-only team for so long is quite an achievement in my opinion.
Gotha: Playing against RM or DM has always been a challenge. But unfortunately, we don’t take over entire clans at the end of each season. Therefore, we have limited human resources.
Dextrus: Also many of us don’t play a lot during the off-season, which might lead people to underestimate us.

You ‘adopted’ Yans and we know for a fact that he is no native speaker and that he has learned German for this team. How far is his progress? And has he a teacher within Deutschritter?
Firunien: He understands most of our calls, but he also tried to revive RS with his friends, so he was not around for some time.

Who’s your IGL? You mentioned that Firunien is not calling anymore, so who will take up this important task now?
Dextrus: Staatsgeheimnis. (state secret)
Firunien: Calle.
Dextrus: We have a rotating system, which gives everyone a shot for one round.
Gotha: By now every clan who faced us should have realized that each round can be a total mess on our side. So, I wouldn’t exactly say that we have ingamelead. Some rounds are amazing, others not.

Did you finally manage to purge all the weebs from the Team?
Dextrus: Yes, we are officially 100% Weeb-free.
Firunien: Gotha is the last one remaining.
Gotha: Madness, stop this heresy.

If you have a look at all the sign ups and one open Division A slot, who would you envision to occupy that slot and survive without going for the ‘hell road’?
Firunien: Surviving? Surely nobody. Where is WHEE when we need it?
Dextrus: RMS appears good on paper.
Firunien: I think the only guys who wouldn’t go 0-60 would be TCV and KW. Gotha does not know anything about it, because he never plays outside of tournaments.
Gotha: That’s fact I am proud of.
Dextrus: Division A is gonna be one of the strongest divisions we have seen so far.

Is there anything which makes out your playstyle as unique? It’s noticeable that you always “stick to your guns” and field an archer, if one is available, while many other teams didn’t bother with it during the throwing meta for example.
Firunien: We did some reckless pushes and our cav is famous for taking a gamble.
Dextrus: We usually stick with Pablo because he is the best archer in the game, but in the current meta 4 infs is strong, too. We have enough infantry to work with that. But I can also see 4-1-1 working (again) in the future.
Gotha: No one presses Mouse 1 like me.
Dextrus: Some questions are hard to answer because all the BEAST season kind of fade together, so it is hard to pinpoint at which point we played what tactics.
Gotha: “Tactics”.
Firunien: We have to play what our roster allows us, for example we were screwed over by the 2H Meta, we lack those players.
Dextrus: This is not true.
Firunien: This is obviously true. We can not just go and field 4 shock infs like RM could in the past.

Players like DonNeto or Inspire cringed hard at your “artillery cavalry” or to be direct with it, Firunien and Lars abuse their throwing on horses very well. Do you have a message for the haters?
Firunien: I hope for pilums on horseback to make a comeback.
Dextrus: We already have a new trick up our sleeve.
Gotha: We already prepared some new ‘throwing tactics’ – if you know what I mean…

What do you think of the recent changes introduced to the game? Cavalry has been arguably nerfed, while archers have received a huge buff, same as Infantry classes. Is this good for Deutschritter or not?
Dextrus: There was an infantry buff? Archers are at a good spot right now.

Pablo: Except Sturgia…
Dextrus: For me the biggest infantry buff is the return of the throwing axe and the Cavalry Breaker Perk.
Firunien: I think it is overall fine for us. We are good at infantry and cavalry, so no problem. Generally, I think Cavalry Breaker is a stupid perk, Spears were good before. Cav needs some improvements like viable bumpslashing.
Gotha (to Firunien): Are you mad?
Dextrus: As you can see we have some opposing opinions.

Destiny Masters named you as one of the teams they do not expect to struggle against. A message for them?
Firunien: Well, they have a good roster on paper, but let’s see how they will do – it’s a big transition for DM.
Gotha: This roster looks like ordered from wish. Not sure what to say.
Dextrus: Hairless must be doing mental gymnastics to play with those guys…
Firunien: Without Popowicz and Woj they lost a lot of their past prime carries.
Gotha: Some might call this roster even a ‘handicap roulette’.

You might have already had read it in the interview before – this is your opportunity to roast someone. Fire your bullets bois, I know that you’ve been waiting for it.
Dextrus: Arni, I love you! Stay the way you are and don’t change!

Thanks for talking to me! Do you have anything else I might have missed, and you want to shed some light on?
Firunien: I want to greet Dovmont, he is a legend and a cool guy.

Next up is The Chide Village (TCV), best known for their squirrel coat of arms and no-lifing pickups like noone else before. I hope our dear readers look forward to what the squirrels will have to say!
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Players like DonNeto or Inspire cringed hard at your “artillery cavalry” or to be direct with it, Firunien and Lars abuse their throwing on horses very well. Do you have a message for the haters?
Firunien: I hope for pilums on horseback to make a comeback.
I wish we could turn back time, to the good old cav dismounts x)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to our match! especially coz of factions without throwings hehhehehe
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