Mediveal Festival. **POLL ADDED**[The contestant list will be comeing soon]

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For those who had trouble reading it
I would personaly like to invite you to my castle for the up coming festival wich starts the 11th of October.
During this festival there will be held a tournament where the contestant can show his skill in three games.

1. The Archery Contest
2. The Duels
3. The Joust

The winner of this tournament will recive a cope of the new game "War of the roses" (if they have it, nor desire it they can choose to get another game withing the same price class)
- Sir John Bramley, Earl of Lancashire

Practical Info
Ah yes, a tournament. Now this will play during the weekend starting 1 week from now.
It will start on Thursday the 11th 16:00 gmt+1 (the first game starts at 19:00 gmt+1) and it will end after the finals on Sunday the 14th.

The Tournament will be played in an own module made by me and by some great OSPs out there wich I will get to later.
Basicly it's just a skinned version of Native wich is made to fit the event.

Make your own banner and wear it under the tournament!

Compete in epic jousts!

Be more personal, in a close up melee battle!

Proove you have the sharpest aim in the archery range!

And when you're not fighting, enjoy watching others play!
More pictures will be comeing if wanted.

The main server wich will be used will be named
and it will have no password on it, though there will be admin-gaurds around so be carefull and follow the rules!

If you want a teamspeak to hang out on during the event you can find us here:

My Steam Profile​


The Joust

The winner of the joust is descided by witch player has most points.

Points are given after how many, and how the victories are won.

Most points you can score in one joust is 3.

Remember, use the joust! (Pressing X while riding)
here is the scale:

3 - Takeing out the other contestent directly from the horse.
2 - Dissmounting the other contestant and beat him in a duel on foot.
2 - if both hit contestants hit eachother on horse.
1 - Dissmounting the other contestant and loosing the duel
1 -  Beeing dissmounted by the contestant and winning the duel

As you sure understood from the scale, if you dismount the other contestant you must dismount your self and duel him on foot.
You can use your shield in this duel, but you can't double sheid (pick two shields in the load-out)

The Duels

You can pick ONE weapon from the load out, and it will be yours trough out the whole day, if you make it to the next tier you can pick another one.

To win The Duels you must kill your enemy, simple enough.
You can use what ever skill you have in The Duels.
The last man standing on Sunday is the winner.
After a winner is decleard, he has to accept any challange for 30 minutes, and if he is defeated the victor will be named champion, and go to the finals.

The Archery Contest

Here it's also descided by points, and the points are given to you on where you hit on the target.

Here's the scale:

Outside the outer red ring: 1 point
On the outer red ring: 2 points
Inside the outer red ring: 5 points
The light red aerea outside the center: 10 points
The center: 25 points.

The ammount of tiers will be descided from the ammount of contestants, but every tier the 2 worst shooters must leave the contest (they can stay as sepctators)

The Finals

In the Finals the best player from each competition will meet and fight in all three of the competitions.
The rules are the same, only there's one round for each player.
The player with most points after the finals win the tournament.

How to sign up

you can sign up as both a house ( a clan ) or as an induvidual.
A House can have 4 contestants on each game (a total of 12 coontestants)
Ther will also be a jugde counting the points each house scors, and the best house of the festival willl be announced at the end.
To sign up you just have to fill out this application as a comment on this thread:

I want my House (clan) to join
Name of House:
Name of Leader(in-game and steam):
In-game Tag:
Ammount of players, and on wich games:
The House Emblem (banner):

I want to sign up as an induvidual:

In-game name:
Steam name:
Banner (costum banners will be implanted if you provide a image):
I will compete in the:

Current contestants

This will be updated​

Just extract to your modules folder, for the patch extract them into the mod folder and overwrite everything

Download link!


Want to see your banner in-game?
Download this and extract it to the Modules Texture folder, over-write everything and wips they're there :grin:

this will be updated


Grandmaster Knight
In-game name: Frosty
Steam name: frostyowns123
Banner: the unicorn
I will compete in the: Archery and Joust
Maynd said:
Is this based on the Grunwald? I had a lot of fun and I wanna sign up.

I haven't heard of the Grundwald. But i guess you'll be able to have fun here too :grin:

If you wish to sign up, you just have to fill out the application n_n
sotamursu123 said:
OLT_Grandmaster_farferon said:
RoBo_CoP said:
Can we ask for M&B2 if we win?  :wink:

haha, then you must wait for the initial release :wink:

Can i ask you to delay the event until the release in 2103?

Doubt I will be alive at the time :wink: but can ask my great grand son to host an event at that time.

Nah, but for real, It's not illigal for me to host an event closer to that period too! :razz:
So you might get lucky twice!


Master Knight
In-game name: Armiechedon/Armie
Steam name: armie133
Banner (costum banners will be implanted if you provide a image):
I will compete in the: The Joust, The Duels, The finals  :cool:


Spring chicken
Sergeant Knight at Arms
In-game name: Varadin
Steam name: Sloxking
Banner (costum banners will be implanted if you provide a image): I dont acutally care which banner i will use.
I will compete in the: Archery


In-game name: Mil_Tallie_of_Swadia
Steam name: Dutch || Tallie
I will compete in the: Archery and Duels.

Chocolate Donut

In-Game name: Donut
Steam: dvcn4444
Banner: The white one with the black eagle.
Participating in: Jousts, duels and archery.


In-game name: DonSkull
Steam name: TheIngredebil
Banner (costum banners will be implanted if you provide a image):
I will compete in the: all three
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