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Welcome to the official page of Medieval Mod: Third Crusade. The mod is set during the Third Crusade and we look forward to posting updates. The project began yesterday and we are continuing recruitment for our mod team. We have 2 modellers, 2 concept artists and 1 lead (the lead is me). We see mods about the fall of Jerusalem or the Battle of Haatin but not many focus on the subsequent crusade.

The year is 1189
It has been 2 years since the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin and a lot has changed. Guy of Lusignan has begun a siege of Acre, a Saracen port. Meanwhile in Europe, King Richard the Lionheart has pledged himself to a new crusade alongside his French counterpart, Philip II Augustus. Meanwhile, Saladin is attempting to relieve Acre. Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, is in the territory of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum.

Sounds impressive. How can I help?

Here are some people we need

2D artists - We are currently looking for 2d artists who can draw concept art
3D artists - People who can model things like castles or weapons
Programmers - We are looking for programmers who can make the mod immersive and polished
Sceners - People who can make scenes using the modding tools already available
Sound designers/voice actors - We plan to have medieval music in our mod
Animations -We need skilled animators as we plan to overhaul the combat animations to make them more realistic

If you want to help with the development of the mod please join our Discord server


When will development start -
When we have enough people
When will the mod release - We are unable to give an answer. It will impossible to give a release date as of now
Will you be posting updates - As of now updates will posted on our Discord server
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Good luck with your mod! My team and I are working on a mod set in 1217 AD North-Western Europe and we get into a lot of detail with places and families and characters so let me know if you ever need some information or have some that you'd like to share.


We also plan on introducing some new features to make the mod realistic and immersive
Vassals and Fiefdoms
Naval combat
Changes in AI combat behaviour
You have to wait slightly longer in order to initiate an assault on a castle/city
More variety of castles
Jerusalem will be obviously unique in order to make the mod immersive
Ability to raze settlements to the ground
The mod will end in 1207 and the Pope will have the ability to call a Crusade
Papacy mechanics
Family tree
and much, much more!
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We see mods about the fall of Jerusalem or the Battle of Haatin but not many focus on the subsequent crusade.

Because it was mostly a one dimensional war with 2-3 short campaigns, two opposing states, and lots of down time. The siege of Acre is a very interesting battle on its own but I don't think its complex nature can be depicted in Bannerlord unless you redesign massive chunks of the game mechanics. Beyond that, most of the interesting stuff in that period happens in the 1170s with the rise of Zengi, Nurredine and Saladin and the complex relation between all the little states who allied with each other and with the crusaders.


Sorry for the lack of updates on the TW forums but we have a Moddb page now! We will posting a lot of updates there. I also want to thank everyone for the immense support I have received since this project began nearly two months ago. I also want to apologize for the lack of professionalism shown in the post. This post was, as it states, made during the early days of the mod and it has not been updated since 13 January. Therefore, the quality of the post is quite poor, in my opinion. The mod has now matured and is now much more professional in terms of public presentation.
Moddb page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/medieval-third-crusade
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