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I went to see my colony and all the colonists where standing in this wierd line waving their heads


Is this some twillight zone **** ? is this a spell of a pagan shaman of the new world ? is this a glitch ? only god may know
The Rhodok king decided to troll me. First he invited me to a feast, and when i came and talked to him, he called me a pig. So i took his legs in return.  :mrgreen:

Nope. The Vaegirs. They declared war to take back Dhirhim. It cost Tsar Feodor II his life, as well as many others. After defeating their main host, I assembled the lords of Swadia, and we struck back hard, fast, and without mercy. At first the going was hard. It was a hard fight that met us at every fief, and an even harder fight when defending them. But at last, we broke them. We took city after city, castle after castle, and soon their empire crumbled. At least Tsar Feodor did not live to see his countrymen massacred.
This is from my old save that I have seen it now revising my new screenies from my current playthrough  :grin:

This one simplifies my latest playthrough really well, was feast, kill some rodocks and crusade!!! :fruity:


Sieging Hieroshalima, obviously leading the charge

Welp, maybe let my troops climb the siege tower first  :roll:

A loyal bannerman acompaning his liege while they wait for the second wave to reach his position and continue with the siege

Soon more screenies, but will be from this new 5.0 version which I am enjoying a lot!  :party:
Already conquered Hieroshalima and most of the western coast from Sarranids, I was also at war with the Mithdrian Empire that were in good terms with the Sarranids so I decided to bring God's Justice upon them! Because why not  :fruity:

Edit: As promised!


Took me 3 attemps if I can remember correctly to go through the walls, those damn infidels! :twisted:

Finally the last royal guard from thos infidels lords. None shall be alive where the God's Wrath walks!
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