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McGonagall's scripted battle has only the "Leave" option

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This derails the starting quest line.  From picking through the txt files my best guess is that the dialog results that start the battle aren't set up properly.  I may take another look again this evening to see if I can't hand-patch it into a working state.  I'll post further details here should they present themselves.


I've been pretty successful debugging this and was able to hack my local txt files to get past the issue.  If anyone really wants (and is brave enough) I can provide a TheMageLord style hack.

It looks like the dialog in question (dlga_camp10mac02_) is assigning to and adding troops to p_main_party a local variable copied in from reg0 and then calling change_screen_return.  I strongly suspect that the end of this dialog is winding up in the simple encounter game menu (menu_simple_encounter) and failing the precondition check.  This check seems to be unchanged from Warband and looks like this:
  (eq, "$encountered_party_friendly", 0),
  (neg|troop_is_wounded, "trp_player"),

I believe the check is failing because $encountered_party_friendly is non-zero since it's probably the (currently) friendly town (Belize for me, don't know if this is constant) as setup in game_event_party_encounter.  In fact, if I disable that eq check I'm able to have the scripted fight and continue on the main quest.  Hopefully this won't cause any issues with my save. So far no issues with my save.

And since I don't get over here too much anymore...BLAM
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