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The Mount & Blade Modding Contest Hall of Fame
Welcome to the Modding Contest Hall of Fame! As you may know, each month we hold a modding competition here at the Forge. Every month the topics and themes are different, but one thing remains the same: all submissions are released as open-source as if bearing the [OSP] tag.

This thread serves to commemorate all contest winners so that their pride and glory is not forgotten by the future generations!... and also serves as a central compendium of prior contest submissions, for everyone's perusal.

Without further ado, our most recent winners in all categories follow:​

Want your own name up here for everyone to see, or just feel like you need a prompt to contribute something to the community? Why not try your own hand? The categories and topics change on a monthly basis, so just pick whatever contest you'd like to participate in and join up! At the end of the day, it's for the community's benefit, and if you win, you might not only get a badge but other rewards as well...​
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