[MBMC] Mount & Blade Modding Contest [February 2019][3D Art]

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Apologies for the longer delay for results this time around. It will be some time before the contest is completed and results are published but fear not, the winners will receive their rewards.

Additionally, thank you for the feedback Brego and Gab-AG.


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Contest Results

Greetings everyone!

After a long and rather silent wait, here are the results from the February 3D Art contest! While not exceeding in submission count it sure was impressive in the quality of submissions department.


1st Place - Ballista by Weren - 73/80 points
Weren stole the first place in this contest with his imposing Balista with the final score of 30/30/13. Looks good, functional, lion head well sculpted (and low triangle count at the same time). Sizes of individual pieces are believable e.g. winch matches human model, the arrow should be able to kill any fly-by dragon :smile:. The ballista looks believable and functional, and the lion's head adds just enough flair and originality to make this a striking and interesting weapon. 4120 faces is a reasonable amount of triangles for this model. There is a good use of texture space. The texel size is reasonable and the textures are not wasted. Collision mesh is small, but could actually use a little more detail, if anything.

2nd Place - PimpMyTrebuchet by Exima - 59/80 points
Exima came right behind him with his Trebuchet with the score of 22.5/27/9.5. A lot of small details, the fabric is crated in a convincing way. Looks sturdy and functional, good size as compared to Warband human model & well engineered. Normal and specular textures affect model appearance in the game in a minimal way. The diffuse texture is 2k, but it looks like a low-resolution one. The trebuchet fits the game nicely, but it might be more useful if the banner was more generic or if it came with variations for the different kingdoms. 22,000+ faces seem excessive. The textures are larger than they need to be to achieve this level of detail. Remember for next time that collision meshes don't need to be triangulated.

3rd Place - Ram by Exima - 53/80 points
And the 3rd spot was taken by Eximas' second submission with the score of 16.5/30/6.5. The level of detail really doesn't justify the texture size and would be much better off with repeated textures but bigger texel size. The normal and specular ram textures, in particular, are undetailed, too large and wasted here. Model is very detailed, but it is not very logically designed for Warband environment: it is too short (soldiers who potentially would push it don't have enough space to acquire a good posture for this kind of job, men on the back position will end up under the wheel after a few meters). The design of this battering ram is visually pleasing, and the ram's head is nice. 22,000+ faces seem excessive. There doesn't appear to be much of an effort made to cut down on the vert count (especially with the ram's head) The texture space could have been used a lot better and is needlessly large for the benefit that it gives. Collision meshes don't need to be triangulated.


Once again, apologies for wrapping up the contest at a later date than usually. Great submissions from Weren and Exima, thank you for participating in the contest, I am sure they'll come in useful within the modding community. I'll be contacting you both to receive the reward!

Judges in session were [email protected] and Mandible, thank you for taking the time to evaluate the submissions!

We will compile all the submissions into a .rar file and upload them as usually.

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