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Do you love glorious North Korea?

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Hello my friends. I don't know that this is appropriate, but my brother and I miss this community greatly. Although it seems like minecraft is a thing of the past we still game a good bit, and if any of you are interested in joining us some time our steam ids are rmrman and mcramsey98. Hope you're all doing well.



So it's been some time since the last post here in this thread - But I'm bumping it to bring attention to any of the old MC'ers from back in the day or any new fellows that fancy joining in. We've set up shop in a new forum and server but still the same community - check it out. Factions PvP as always.

Forum Link: http://m-cw.enjin.com/home​

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TDM, Beny, gigle, dobo, jeregor, me, Burg... Can't remember more by heart right now, but there is more.

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krik said:
How many people from back then actually play on that server?

Everyone who was in Kos's faction and everyone from North Korea and me basically. There might be more but I dont recognise their usernames.

Well and TDM but he's in the Calzones so it doesn't count.
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