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Do you love glorious North Korea?

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Lord Burgess1

Oh, for people reading this thread but not playing, Here is where more of the chat goes on.


They invited Max and Digly. They're like 14 away I think.

You guys should stay more on the defensive I'd say.


Grandmaster Knight
Theyre a good 30 deaths away, they've recruited kats and poach.

Anyone like to join northkorea? play at the same game as the northmen  :lol:


Just for the record I wholeheartedly and honestly trust all of you. To act as you have always acted of course. None of you ever disappoint.


Digly: seems we are killing NK :razz: 13 deaths of them and we are annexing giglegrad
Digly: :grin:
Jock: Coward move.
Jock: NM were losing without mercs.
Jock: Wait, they would already have lost without mercs.
Jock: So yeah.
Digly: yeah. but then we would not have been able to claim it all at once :wink: now we are cause of their manpower.
Jock: What?=
Jock: Did you understand what I said?
Digly: the manpower system works different in this server.
Jock: I know.
Digly: We don't need the mercenaries to bring them into defeat on the battlefield, we need them to finnish our work and claim all they have, so NK will be disbanded. :wink:
Jock: Nope.
Jock: Northmen would be annexed without mercs.
Digly: yeah, maybe.
Jock: Not maybe.
Digly is now offline.

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