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Do you love glorious North Korea?

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Her Flamboyance, the Calipha


-One of over 6,000 dead so far in the Great Northern War

  Drawn to a war accepted by both sides as inevitable, soldiers on both sides were promised vengeance, glory, riches... but have found only death as the Great Northern War drags on. Since the War began on the 6th of November, thousands have perished, though no one knows exactly how many, under the banners of a dozen nations. Every superpower, and every regional power save the Uesugi and the Ottomans, has sent its sons to the North to fight and die. Koreans, Norse, Xeradians, Soviets, Newfoundlanders, Latverians, Vaenor, Werenians, Blackstone Mercenaries, Wolves, English, and Dwarves have fought for just as many causes. More can be factored in, including Zendarians, Uesugi, and Persians if the concurrent war in the Far North is considered. Fortresses have been held and breached, battles won and lost, and yet despite the destruction the war is no closer to its completion.

  Anti-Northmen forces have been defeated in assaults on Eldinghold and the Junglehold, but nonetheless Eldinghold was sacked after its reduced garrison was overwhelmed by a Vaenor Army. St. John's was similarly pillaged by Werenian raiders, but the following assault by North Korean and Soviet armies was scattered by a counterattack by an English-Dwarven force. However, the Northmen have been being bled dry despite claiming victories, and the latest battle handed them a decisive defeat in the attempted taking of the Battlemoat. Hundreds of Newfoundlanders and Northmen perished, with North Korean casualties remaining light.

  All remaining participants have lost around a thousand men, and the main combatants, North Korea and the Northmen, have been reduced to around half their manpower. But despite the losses, both human and material, resolve remains high between the remaining rivals, with each side continuing to demand only the complete dissolution or relocation of the other. Citing a lack of options and increasing weariness impeding the execution of his office, Minister Tiberius of the Ministry of Enlightenment, chief diplomat for North Korea, and secret policemen pushed his resignation and led a small column of a little more than 300 civilian refugees from North Korea to establish a new nation dedicated to peace and construction on the Mainland. Nevertheless, the losses were quickly replaced by a unit of 400 Werenian loyalists, dedicated to the continuation of the War. Whatever the future holds, it is fated to include further bloodshed in the North.



-Nationalist partisan hung by Werenian loyalists and the North Korean Red Army

  The Great Northern War has been costly for all sides, but Werenia has suffered among the worst. Werenian levies have been hit hard in almost every battle, bearing the brunt of the casualties ever since the first assault on Eldinghold. Losses only mounted as the war progressed, with morale rapidly lowering, until at last the catastrophic Battle of the Junglehold broke the Werenian morale. Circumventing the leadership, Officer King of Scotland, head of the anti-war party in Werenia, negotiated peace with the Northmen and broke the oaths to North Korea. Responding to the rebellion of their vassals, North Korea declared war, but by the time Werenia's leader, Beny, logged in, it was far too late. Rebranding their nation as Aetherius, the new nation deposed their leader and the rest of the North Korean loyalists, beginning the Werenian Civil War, called the "Werenian Revolt" in Korea, and "The War of Werenian Freedom" by the nationalists and their allies.

  With their manpower still crippled from the war in the North, the new Aetherius nation has focused on fortifying their new city of Skyshard and preparing for the retaliation of the North Korean Red Army and the Loyalists. The coming battle will decide the fate of Werenia and its people.



Grandmaster Knight
Northmen are panicking and will soon be destroyed! repent werenia repent! It is not too late to join the moat cause!

Also, if you DID join us it would mean the dwarves probably wouldn't get involved.


Beny said:
Northmen are panicking and will soon be destroyed! repent werenia repent! It is not too late to join the moat cause!

Also, if you DID join us it would mean the dwarves probably wouldn't get involved.
Nick will never abandon Skyshard. D:


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
The Tienxia Empire



Born of war, the Tienxia dynasty has been guided by the blessings of the Emerald Emperor to build a city in the Middle Kingdom to rival the Heavens. We seek peace with all, but will defend our civilization to the last.

  Once, not long ago, a great war in the North was fought, tearing apart the lands and peoples as the continent of Norden became awash in the blood of thousands. Cities burned, and fortresses torn down in the endless violence. All thought to building, diplomacy, civilization, was lost in the reckless bloodlust. It seemed as though in the eternal desire to see the destruction of the other, all would fall into the abyss of destruction.

  Through the smoke and flames of the inferno engulfing the North, a column of light shown through. Far above the suffering and misery of the Earth, a vision came to Tiberius from the Heavens. Walking along a floor of clouds, he fell to his knees as a sudden green light flashed before him. The Emerald Emperor strode forth and lifted the man's face, and with a touch to his forehead, his purpose in Serveria was revealed. The clouds parted beneath them, but suspended in the air Tiberius saw the expanse of a metropolis more magnificent than any that had ever been imagined. Luxurious palaces rose amongst a lush pleasure park, and beyond, an immense and beautiful city, studded with the jewels of civilization: academies, bath houses, mansions and townhouses, canals and railroads, pagodas and libraries, temples, factories, tea shops, Ministries, treasuries, and Merchant Districts.

  Then the vision ended, but the holy purpose remained. His eyes were opened, and so, preaching the will of the Emerald Emperor, he led a column of refugees south, to the center of Serveria, to build this immense monument to civilization. Thus the Great Tienxia Empire was established, its beginnings humble, but the light of the Heavens revealing a purpose grander than any other.

Tienxia is a Celestial Empire under the reign of the Imperial Family, but ruled and administered by the Ministries. Each Minister leads and controls an important government task, and is appointed by his ability and ambition. There are 5 Ministries:

1. Ministry of Justice: Handles internal affairs, including dereliction of duty and labor, as well as containing the Bureau of Censors which works to reduce government corruption and ensure good communication between Ministers and the people.
2. Ministry of War: Handles defense, construction of fortifications, materiel production, and the conduct of war. The fighting is led by the Field Marshal, but strategy is dictated by the Emperor and his advisers.
3. Ministry of Public Works: Handles the construction of buildings, the laying down of infrastructure, including roads, canals, and railroads, and maintaining of irrigation and dikes.
4. Ministry of Finance and Trade: Handles the Imperial Treasury, trade with other nations, organization of storage, and the claiming of land for domestic needs.
5. Ministry of Rites: Also known as the Ministry of the Temple and Imperial Household, this organization handles the maintenance and leading of Temple services, escorting foreigners through the City and instructing them on etiquette before the Emperor, and assists the Ministry of Justice in ensuring communication.

The Imperial Family:
The Celestial Empire is headed by the Imperial Family, appointed by the Heavens and blessed by the Emerald Emperor, keeping the right to rule through the Mandate of Heaven.
His August Majesty, Emperor Tib_Dee_Max of the House Maximus
and Her Grace, Empress Ruzuzu1 of the House Miyuki


The Emperor will consider all applicants, whether new or a veteran to the server, for any position. Faithful service will be rewarded with positions in the Ministries. We will take any applicant as long as he possesses common sense and is willing to work. :p Blueprints for the City and templates for the buildings will be posted, so I'm not asking everyone to be an architectural genius, only that you work with others and willing to tackle challenges as a group.

Glory to the Emperor!


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
Sir Hitson Winsler said:
Wait - North Korea died?

Burgess, go help out Thomas, so that eternal source of wisdom on this savage server can be saved from the ravages of Ditronian!
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