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1)Add officials.
chancellorfield marshaltreasurersecret advisor
(governance and legislation)(warfare)(finance)(counterintelligence and conspiracy disclosure)
(required skill steward)(required skill leadership)(required skill trading)(required skill charm)
Note:The position of Field Marshal is elective among your lords, after the lord is elected to the position of Field Marshal, he will also run around the map, and not sit in the capital. A player cannot become an official, except as a field marshal, but he can nominate his own person for the position of an official. In the capital, instead of regional officials, federal officials will sit(they have the same opportunities as regional ones + special)+constable.
secretary, assistantchancellor
1)send a gift. We can send a gift to any lord of our faction to improve relations with him. You can send a gift only once a week, to any lord.
2)create a feast. We can have a feast and invite only the lords of our choice to it.
3)send a message. We can send a message to any lord with a request to meet at our designated place and he will come there.
1)The Chancellor can advise you on what low needs to be passed or repealed now.
2)the chancellor may require other lords to send part of their garrison from their cities to the capital.
constable, castellanfield marshal
1)send patrols. We can send a patrol of militias to patrol the area around our villages(we take the militia from the settlement and send them). There is no limit on the number of patrols, only at least 50 militias must remain in the settlement. There are 3 types of patrols: 1) small detachment - 10 people, 2) medium detachment - 20 people, 3) large detachment - 35 people. Or you can hire pub bounty hunters, they can also patrol your property.
2)hire soldiers. You can ask con / cas to drive through the villages and hire soldiers for you, you can choose how many soldiers they hire, who to hire (infantry / archer). Your subordinate will leave the settlement and go to hire you soldiers.
3)train soldiers. You can ask con / cas to speed up the training of the soldiers in the garrison (a menu appears where we choose who we want to train and pay for their training). After you have selected a soldier and paid for training, at the beginning of a new day, their level will increase by +1.
4)can tell us about each type of soldier of all factions, about their advantages during the battle.
1)the ability to control the armies of other lords.
2)the ability to call the mercenaries of the kingdom to your army.
accountant, bookkeepertreasurer
1)set taxes. We can set the amount of taxes that settlements will pay us. There are 3 levels of taxes:
1) low, 2) medium, 3) high. Tax level affects: prosperity and loyalty of a settlement.
2)allocate money for villages. We can allocate money to stimulate the economy of the village and, accordingly, this affects the well-being of our settlement (castle / city). It can be realized in 2 ways: 1)we buy land and use it (№39); 2) a menu of projects, as in a city or in a castle, but with village buildings (such as a school, a mill, etc.) (we will allocate money specifically for the construction of something in the village).
3)can tell us about the current financial situation of our settlements (villages / castles / cities) and what we need to build at the moment.
1)the treasurer can demand from other lords that they send gold to the treasury (relations deteriorate).
2)The treasurer can allocate gold from the treasury to stimulate the economy of your vassal settlement (any settlement in your kingdom).
secret advisor
1)we can order him to send his spies, the kingdom of our choice, to know their intentions or know the movements of their armies.
2)we can order him to put our vassal in prison if we suspect him of preparing a revolution.
3)he will inform us about the current situation in the kingdom, whether someone is preparing a revolution against us, we can order him to listen to rumors in order to inform us about the conspiracy.
4)he can advise us: who is the best to attack now, who should be friends with (from our clans and other kingdoms), who should not be trusted (from our clans and other kingdoms).
2)Add fistfights.
You need to ask the men in the tavern about the fights, they will say that there are fights in a poor area in one of the warehouses. Melee damage is based on the amount of vigor. Endurance affects the speed at which you strike. 4 types of fights:
  • Championship. The fight goes 1vs1. If the fight is lost, then the championship does not start over, but remains in the same position (progress is saved), you can later come and continue the championship in the place where the player stopped. The championship is one-time, after the victory you cannot replay. For winning the championship, a reward is issued: renown, 4000 dinars, +10 relations with any bandit leader who is located in this city.
  • Training fight(the fight starts with a random Fighter or you choose who to fight with).
  • Team fight 5vs5(similar to a training fight, but you get dinars for the victory).
  • Customizable fight(choose how many people will be in your team, how many in the enemy team, choose the types of fighters).
Acrobatics, vigor and endurance affect the difficulty of the opponent. Types of opponents:
  • 1-citizen ( 2 VIG, 2 END & 20 acrobatics)
  • 2-soldier ( 4 VIG, 4 END & 50 acrobatics)
  • 3-veteran( 6 VIG, 6 END & 75 acrobatics)
  • 4-dodger ( 3 VIG, 10 END & 160 acrobatics)
  • 5-master ( 10 VIG, 3 END & 60 acrobatics)
Note:1-3 regular fighters. 4-5 special fighters. 4- he is fast but weak. 5- he is slow but strong.
You can also add a dirty trick: throw sand in the face(animation, how the character picks up or just at the beginning of the fight, give the player sand in the inventory)(the enemy cannot attack you for a while).
3)Add horse racing(just like a regular tournament). You need to ask the keeper of the tavern in the city about the races, he will tell you which of the villages the races are held in(if they are all burned or after a robbery, he will send you to a neighboring city to another keeper, ask him). 2 options for racing(the player does not choose, upon arrival the game randomly chooses which option will be):
  • For a while(reach the finish line in a certain time).
  • Team races(10 participants start at the same time, who must reach the finish line first without taking into account the time).
In case of victory, the player receives: money, a prize for a horse(saddle) and a bonus point for a horse.
4)Add shops: art shop, tailor, stable.
1.Art shop is a separate location, like a tavern, we go inside and immediately see shelves with books and paintings and a merchant behind the counter. Behind the merchant is a large room where writers sit and rewrite books / write books and artists paint pictures / signboards (for merchants) / announcements (writers and artists are separated from each other by a wall). We can only talk to the merchant behind the counter, interaction with the merchant:
  • Buy books. There will be 120 faction books in total(20 per faction)(give bonuses to perks) + non-faction books(books that increase party size, the number of enterprises, the efficiency of caravans and enterprises, tax reduction, the number of companions).
  • Buy paintings. Pictures give renown daily from 0.1 to 1 per day. Accordingly, a picture that gives 1 renown per day will cost more than 80k. A picture giving 0.1 renown will cost from 5k.
  • Buy announcements(for espionage).
  • Order a book about the biography of ourselves(this function shows statistics of everything that we have done in our life, how many people have killed, how many quests have completed, etc.)There can be 2 ways to implement it: 1)an interview with a writer, we answer questions(not more than 6-8 )and at the end of the interview, we wait 1 day and come for the book. 2)or we simply tell the merchant that we would like to order the service of writing a book about the hero and he tells us to come in a couple of days. Method 1 is interesting, but it will be more difficult to implement, Method 2 is easy to implement, but not as exciting. This is of course a paid service.
  • Buy musical instruments(drums)for soldiers. Upgrade soldiers to drummers.
2.The tailor is on the street(without loading the location). Interacting with the tailor:
  • Change the color, add the coat of arms to regular clothes and military gambesons(only on the clothes that are in the armor slot)(battle / civilian outfit)and change the color, add the coat of arms to the cloak(battle / civilian outfit)(for yourself and your companions).
    Add the ability to create a color yourself(the square is taken from paint), add a similar square in the banner creation menu, add more colors.
  • You can put the canvas on the armor of a horse and a character(on the armor slot of a person and a horse)(hero and companion), the canvas itself can be repainted, add a coat of arms, add various patterns. The canvas will be worn over the armor. Also, the canvas can be removed and hung on new armor. PS: I understand that it will probably be very difficult to do, but this great customization of the armor also looks great.
    2 options: to the waist, to the shoes.
    2 options: for the whole body of the horse, for half of the body of the horse.
    Agree, it looks cool.
  • Buy banners and standards for soldiers. Upgrade soldiers to standard bearers. Banner and standard differ in that the banner can be carried by both foot and horse soldiers. The standard can only be carried by foot soldiers.
3.A stable is needed to train a horse. We come to the groom and say that we would like to breed our horse with his horse and get offspring for ourselves (service cost 10k). The horse menu appears, where we distribute the bonus points according to the characteristics(1 bonus point gives +3 to the selected characteristic, put the maximum limit on the characteristics). When finished, the groom will tell you to come in 2 weeks for the offspring(a horse has a very small chance of having a double offspring of 5-10%, we get 2 horses with the same characteristics). Upon arrival, the groom gives offspring.
I took the horse Aserai as a basis:Let's put a constraint on the characteristics:
Charge damage: 7
Speed: 66
Maneuver: 70
Hit points: 200
5)Add artisans:
there will be a pastry seller near the bakery (decor)
(produces furniture)
6)Add this:
  • Bounty hunters. We will hire them in the pub to order them to patrol the area near the settlement(if you own the settlement).
  • Add escaped deserters, from the armies or after the battlefield, 10-25 people in the pub, we can hire them or convince them to join you so that they will be forgiven for desertion.
  • Add more neutral mercenaries to taverns(Watchmen upgrade tree).
7)Add authority in the pub. For a certain fee, he can make your relations with the faction neutral(0), which is slightly more expensive than making peace in barter with this state.
8.)Add a master blacksmith, we can pay him to forge us weapons that cannot be bought in the market.
Other changes / mechanics​
9)Add passive audio source:
  • The sound of march and armor on foot soldiers (the sound should be layered on top of each other, the more soldiers, the heavier the sound) (there is a sound of marching in the game, but it is very quiet and you can hear it when the soldiers are 20-30 meters away from you)
  • The sound of horse hooves (when the riders are running at you) (the game also has the sound of hooves, but you can hear it at a distance of 80-90 meters), neighing horses (when the horses are standing still or walking slowly) (the sound should be layered than more horses the more spacious the sound)
  • Horn sound when reinforcements (allied and enemy) spawn, make several options for the player and give him the opportunity to choose what kind of horn sound will be personally at the beginning of the game
    The horns can also be used in other cases. For example: when during the siege we or the enemy destroyed the gate, there will be a sound of a horn (it will automatically sound).
  • Add the sound of the scream of a soldier whose limb was chopped off.
  • Add units with drums, they will complement the sound of the march.
10)Change emotions / add battle cries. At the moment, "emotions" are no different from each other, I would like something better in terms of sound. I suggest adding battle cries / replacing emotions with: 2 cries while moving (short and long, soldiers will walk and make sounds until you give them the command "none") and 2 cries while standing still (short and long, soldiers will stand still and make sounds until you give them the command "none").
Examples of battle cries:
11)Make a claim system for settlements. There are 3 types of claims: strong, medium, and minor. You only get a claim some time later, after you have captured a new settlement(a minor claim appears after 1 month of control of a settlement, an medium claim after 2 months and a strong claim after 4 months, and also vice versa if you have a settlement and you have strong claim, then the claim will weaken by an medium one after 1 month, after 2 months your claim for settlement will become minor and after 4 months your claim for settlement will disappear). The claim affects how strongly a newly conquered settlement revolts.
Hover the cursor over the icon and a description menu appears:
12)Add a capital for each faction, and there will be a capital icon on the global map under the city name. Federal officials will be in the capital. Also, if you are the leader of a faction, then in the "Fiefs" menu there will be a button "Make the capital". The capital can only be moved to another city.
13)Make different spawns when our or enemy spawn is captured.
14)Game settings. The game has a lot of ambiguous combat mechanics that are in MP, but are absent in SP, why not let the players themselves choose what they want to see in the game? For example: in MP, a horse knocks down a person, but in SP it does not. We can turn these features on and off whenever we want. This is how it will look:
That is, if we want the horses to knock the soldiers down, then we turn on this mechanic, but if someone is enraged by this mechanic, then he simply turns it off and that's it, everyone is happy.
Not only these 2 functions we can choose, but all other mechanics related to the battle should be. For example: the ability to inflict damage on 2 opponents in 1 hit. And much more (I'm too lazy to list them).
15)The king and field marshal can rule other armies of lords for influence.
16)The ability to take captured soldiers from allied lords for influence and money (if you are a faction leader, the price will be slightly lower). In dialogue with the lord: "I would like to take some of your captives."
17)The opportunity to receive a ransom for a prisoner who is in your prison or is in captivity in your squad. To get the ransom, you need to talk to the prisoner and ask if he wants to pay for his freedom, if he agrees, then we are transferred to the barter menu, where we bargain with the prisoner for his freedom.
18.)The ability to leave your soldiers in the training camp so that they automatically increase their level by +1. Make more training camps all over the map, 1 for each faction. You can only leave soldiers for training once a week, and your troops can get injured during training.
19)The ability to call mercenaries into the army(no influence needed). Only the king and field marshal can summon mercenaries.
20)The ability to conclude contracts with mercenaries. In the dialogue with the leader or with the representative, if the clan is free, there will be a line "I would like to conclude a contract with you." If the contract comes to an end, we will have a decision on the global map, where it will be written whether we want to renew the contract or not.
Note:You can choose how long the contract will last and the amount of salary for the mercenaries per month. The contract can be broken if you do not want to pay or be in the service of the kingdom with all the consequences that come out (the employer and the mercenaries themselves can break the contract). If you are a mercenary and broke the contract, then they will be less willing to sign a contract with you, if the employer broke the contract, then the mercenaries will ask for more money.
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