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MBG Thread: Player, NPCs & Troops - Dynasty, clan and life path.

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1)The ability to create a vassal clan and dynasty. A dynasty is a union of several clans. Accordingly, as soon as we create a vassal clan, a dynasty is immediately created.
  • Vassal clan. We can send our vassal clan to serve in another kingdom or make them mercenaries (using dialogues). We can make a vassal clan at the head of our companion or at the head of our relative. If we choose a relative, then it will be more difficult to send him to another kingdom, he will be much more loyal to us. If you choose a companion, then it is easier to make him a vassal in another kingdom, but he is less loyal to us. We can also put our vassal clan on the throne in another kingdom. You can create your vassal clan at Tier 4, 5, 6, there are 3 vassal clans in total. To create a vassal clan you need: 60,000 dinars and the character's renown must be 400. The vassal clan banner will be created automatically. To create a vassal clan, you need to talk to the character and choose a dialogue: "I would like you to found your clan."
  • Dynasty. You can also call another unoccupied clan to your dynasty, you need to talk to the leader of another clan and there will be a dialogue: "Would you like to become a part of my dynasty?" (If you have already created a dynasty) or "What do you think about us being together found a dynasty? "(both options require at least 1 marriage with his family). We can also join another dynasty, for this we need a Tier 2 clan (your dynasty can be based on a Tier 4 clan). After we have created a clan or called a clan into our dynasty, we also need to create: the name of the dynasty, the motto of the dynasty, the coat of arms of the dynasty (the coat of arms consists of 2 parts: the background (color of the coat of arms) and the image of the animal (you can change the color of the background and the animal) . On the coat of arms you can only depict animals. After our clan was destroyed, then the main clan in the dynasty becomes the clan that we founded 2, we will also choose who to play from this clan. The dynasty is needed to unite clans in one whole and increase their influence in the kingdom and compete with other dynasties.At the moment, the lords and the player have no opportunity to increase their influence in the kingdom, except to take more settlements, the dynasties are needed just so that we can better gain a foothold in the kingdom and to strengthen our power in the kingdom.
If you are not a member of a dynasty:
If you are in a dynasty:
Coat of arms creation menu:
Click on the "Dynasty" icon and the dynasty menu appears:
Click on any clan and a menu appears:
Clan menu UI:
Click the "Dynasty" icon in the clan menu and a menu appears:
If we click on the "Create an army" button, then our vassal creates an army from his vassals.
Click on the "Give command" button and the menu for managing the vassal's army appears:
Note:Also, if you have not created a vassal's army, then you can call his vassals into your army(free). Also, your vassal clans will vote for you in all votes of your kingdom, you can also give them your settlements. Also, vassal clans gain influence for being in a dynasty. The dynasty leader can also impose an additional tax on vassal clans.
2)If you are the leader of a faction and you are the head of a dynasty, then you have the opportunity to issue a decree, which says which clan of your dynasty will become the head of the faction when the current ruler dies, also we can put a vassal clan to rule our protectorate(in dialogues).
3)Let our children find their own spouses, without having to choose for them and we need to approve or reject their marriage. When our child reaches 18 years old, then once a year he has a chance to find a spouse (50/50 that he will find a spouse) (the game itself calculates whether he will find a spouse or not (randomly)). If your child has found a spouse, an icon will appear on the global map informing the player.
Click on the icon and a menu appears:
You can click on the icon and a description of the character in the encyclopedia opens.
If you refused to marry or ignored the decision (closed the icon), then there are several options that can happen:
  • your child will be offended by you (the relationship with the child will worsen slightly)
  • your child will run away from you with his spouse
  • nothing will happen
4)Make it possible to marry all NPCs(mercenaries, merchants, bandits, servants), except for officials and village leaders.
If you are married to:
  • mercenary. Mercenaries are ordinary lords, relations just increase.
  • merchant. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion from among merchants, then the merchant becomes our person and helps us create a cartel and control the prices of goods.
  • bandit. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion of the bandits, then the leader of the bandits becomes our man and we can help him capture the rest of the points in the city and select the city for himself, he will automatically become the boss in the city.
  • servants. If we choose a spouse for ourselves or for a companion from among the servants, then our relationship with the clan that owns the settlement from which we took the servant increases.
5)Function to choose a spouse for our companion, he can agree or refuse depending on the relationship. We can choose a spouse for a companion from court servants, merchants, or bandits. To marry your companion, you need to give him a house. The spouse of our companion will not be in our army, but will be at home. We will not be shown his house, spouse or children anywhere, only after the death of our companion will we be able to take one of his children to replace the companion (after death, a menu with his children appears). In dialogues, we will talk with a companion whether he wants to start a family or not, and you will also negotiate a marriage with a potential spouse in a dialogue.
6)We gain influence in the creation of any marriage union. We have 2 types of marriages:
  • marriage for a companion. We are looking for a spouse for our companion. For creating a marriage, we get 20 Influences.
  • marriage. We are looking for a spouse for ourselves or for our family. For creating a marriage, we get 80 influence.
7)Make events with children, events affect your relationship with the child (if you mistreated him, then on day 18 he will leave your clan), character traits. There will also be events where you can get skill points. The event will appear randomly once a year. The events will be both negative (your child stole something, fought, beat someone), and positive (your child spent the whole day in the market (+5 skill points to trade), your child helped the old woman bring things (+500 points to the mercy trait).
Events will appear anyway, no matter where your child is.
As you understand, there will be 2 types of events: active (we choose options for action) and passive (your child did something and you are simply notified about it).
Life paths​
8.)We have several options for the paths along which we will go:
Without changes, we will also gradually increase our military potential and get settlements under our control. We can also create vassal clans and create a dynasty in order to strengthen our position within the kingdom, promote our companions to the posts of federal officials, become a field marshal ourselves, we can seize power through a revolution or by using pressure on the king to change the form of succession to an elective monarchy, then bribe all the lords, so that they elect you king, after the coronation to usurp the power.

We have 2 options for doing dark deals:​
1)Road Bandit:​
2)City Bandit:​
Attack villagers, caravans; rob villages, cities (make riots and then rob the city) and build personal hideouts to rest in it, leave things in stash or hire bandits to join your army. To create a hideout, you need to talk to a companion in his dialogue will be: "I would like to make a secret hideout." After that, he will leave you for a while to find a suitable hiding place. When he comes back to you he will say that your hideout is ready and you can visit it (your hideout appears on the global map). Hideout is also needed to hide from justice, but keep in mind that if you sit in one hideout for a long time, then bounty hunters will raid you soon.Destroy other gangs in the city and capture their points, then demand tribute from the merchant or take their workshops. After you have destroyed all the gangs in the city and put your people on all points, one of your people comes up to you and says that you are now the boss of this city (and now you can create a black market in the city and terrorize merchants). When you destroy all the gangs in the second city, one of your soldiers will approach you and ask whom to put at the head of this city (you can choose yourself (make the limit to 3) or put your companion in charge of this city and he will automatically become the boss in this city, and you will become a ringleader (boss of all bosses, can assign bosses to other cities).
1)You can combine 2 bandit options, you can go for 1 option.
2)You also need to make 2 branches of upgraded bandits up to Tier 5 with normal armor and with hidden armor.
3)When you reach a certain level of criminal rating, other bandits will stop attacking you.
4)Add a black market, the black market is controlled by bandits, there you can buy expensive things with a 20-30% discount, the black market appears when 1 gang remains in the city (you can help 1 gang kill the rest of the gangs or become the boss of the bandits yourself and destroy the rest of the gangs).
5)Add hidden armor to wear in the city.
6)Add a perk to roguery that allows you to wear hidden armor in the city, add hidden armor, it can only be bought from bandits on the black market.
We, like other mercenaries, can sign a contract and make money. This is a transitional stage in life, after which we can become a lord, a bandit or a merchant, or skip and immediately become who you want, it all depends on you. First, we will enter into contracts with a low cash payment and over time, the more we become known (the higher the level of the clan), the more we are paid.
We have 4 options for economic activity:​
1)speculate in goods2)do business3)engage in logistics activities4)gossip trader
Without changes. We can also buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price, i.e. player = caravan.We will buy land and workshops. Produce the necessary resources on your land and send them for processing to your workshops. We will sell finished products. Putting pressure on the business of your competitors in a certain industry in order to control the price of a certain product.We buy an office and create a logistics empire. From now on, we will create caravans in the office, and not at the merchants. You also have to pay money to create a caravan.
In the office we will be able to choose in which kingdoms our caravan will be able to trade, manage a party of caravans (choose which soldiers will guard the caravan). You can also order your caravans to pick up products or resources from your workshops or warehouses (if, of course, you have established production).
Create an alliance with merchants and artisans in cities and villages, thereby creating a cartel to control the price of a certain product. We can also create an alliance for the supply of certain goods to our warehouse or workshop with a fixed price for a certain time. For example: the merchant will supply us Silk for 70, in the amount of 3 pieces per day for a period of 20 days.
We can also spread false rumors using tavern keeper, thereby we will increase or decrease the price of a certain item in our favor.
The player may take not part in the political situation in Calradia and be an ordinary little trader or blacksmith, etc. Buy a house in the city, start a family and live a calm, quiet life.​
You can combine several life paths. For example: you can be a mercenary, at the same time do business and at the same time engage in road banditry, along the way creating your own hideouts, or you can be a lord in one kingdom and be an city bandit in another kingdom. Complete freedom, the player is free to do whatever he wants.​
Special character traits and renown​
9)Add a function to make the characters increase in renown separately from the clan renown(will be called the renown of the character). Always, when the clan's renown is given, then renown will be given to a specific character(this will be a purely cosmetic function, it is needed only in some moments)(there will be 2 renown: clan renown and character renown)(at the moment this is a big stupidity when the clan founder who founded a new kingdom and conquered all of Calradia is as famous as his grandson who did nothing). If you have a child, he gets 10% of the character's renown from the clan's renown at birth.
The character's renown will be shown in the encyclopedia and when you hover over the icon:
10)Add special character traits to the game. We gain special traits after completing certain tasks in our life path and upon reaching the required amount of character renown. There will be 5 special traits in total(you can do more if you like):
NameGreat LordLegendary BanditLegendary MercenaryGreat MerchantLegendary Warrior
What is necessary2200 character renown1200 character renown, earn 100,000 dinars in illegal ways1800 character renown, length of service must be 5 years1400 character renown, earn 250,000 through economic activities800 character renown, any combat skill must be 250 (1 of 6)
+25 morale at the start of the battle, + 50 influence every day, increases the damage of soldiers by + 20% during the simulation of the battle, increases the damage of soldiers during a normal battle by + 10%, reduces the cost for hiring soldiers by -50% (etc., which is suitable for the lord)
+ 50% loot from all battles and robberies, the speed of robbing villages is reduced by 50%, the chance to sneak into the city is increased by 40% (etc., which is suitable for a bandit)-50% less money to pay to soldiers, + 50% you find dinars after the battle, payment of contracts increases by + 100% (etc., which is suitable for a mercenary)increases the production speed of land / workshop by + 20%, increases the speed of caravans on the global map by + 25%, reduces the trade penalty to 6 (etc., which is suitable for a merchant)damage from any weapon is increased by + 30% (character only)
Note:The bonuses should be strong, because the special trait will be difficult to obtain.
Special traits will be shown in the encyclopedia next to the usual traits:
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