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Player's camp​
We have 2 types of camp:mobile(which is always with us)and main(we create on the global map).
I.Mobile camp.
We don't need to buy anything. The entire camp is available from the very beginning of the game.
Mobile Camp UI:
The camp UI can be located in 2 locations:
Click on the camp icon and a menu appears:
Note: 1)The background of the camp is static.2)When we wait in the camp, the wounded recover faster, the medic increases the skills.3)When we walk around the camp we can interact with him: chop wood, sharpen swords, talk to soldiers, butcher a carcass / cook food, drink alcohol, play board games (in an officer's tent), conduct field exercises.4)In the camp we will be able to talk with all the companions and with our family.5)The number of soldiers will be a maximum of 80 people(at the location).6)On the global map, when we wait, a camp appears as in Warband.7)Your family and companions are in the officer's tent.
Click on the "camp management" button and a menu appears:
There are 3 service options:
satisfactorilygoodthe best
1)no resources are consumed(set by default)
2)there are no bonuses
1)1 unit of a certain resource is consumed
2)small bonus
1)consumes 2 units of a certain resource or 2 units of different resources
At the beginning of the game, only 2 systems are available to us, the rest will need to be opened by improving the camp:
Available from the start:Upgrade Needed:Medical TentUpgrade Needed:Armor Repair ShopUpgrade Needed:Weapon Workshop
1)improve the morale of soldiers
2)improve the diet for horses
unlocks the system:3)improve the quality of medical careunlocks the system:4)improve the quality of armorunlocks the system:
5)sharpen melee weapons
6)maintenance of bows and crossbows
7)strengthen shields
Description of bonuses to each system and consumables for them:
improve the morale of soldiersimprove the diet for horsesimprove the quality of medical careimprove the quality of armorsharpen melee weaponsmaintenance of bows and crossbowsstrengthen shields
good: +5 morale(1 unit of beer)
the best: +10 morale(2 units of beer)
good: +10 horse movement speed during combat(1 unit of grain)
the best: + 20 horse movement speed during combat(2 units of grain)
good: + 15% health regeneration rate(1 linen)
the best: + 30% health regeneration rate(1 linen and 1 wine)
good: + 15% to the parameter of protection(less damage is done to the soldier)(1 unit of iron)
the best: + 25% to the parameter of protection(2 units of iron)
good: +5 melee damage(1 iron)
the best: +10 melee damage(2 iron)
good: +5 ranged damage(1 hardwood)
the best: +10 ranged damage(2 hardwood)
good: + 15% more shields withstand damage(1 hardwood)
the best: + 30% more shields withstand damage(1 hardwood and 1 iron)
Note:Consumable items are consumed once a week. You can also block these items to prevent your soldiers from eating equipment.
Hover the cursor over "consumable items" and a menu appears, in which it is written what resources are consumed:
We can only install upgrade objects in soldier tents.
Our family and companions will be in the officer's tent(in the middle of the camp)(also at the entrance to the camp location, we will appear in it). Click on any soldier's tent and the following menu will appear:
There is no improvement in the tent at the moment.
Click on "choose improvement" and a menu like this appears:
Hover over any improvement and the following menu appears:
Description of the bonuses of all improvements and the necessary resources for them:
improvement nameprofessional kitchenimproved stalls for horsestraining dummiesboxesentertainment roommedical tent
bonusincreases the health of the entire army by +20increases speed on the global map + 5%, only those who are on the horse+1 xp every day, to all soldiersinventory capacity +500morale +5health recovery rate + 20%
necessary resources10 hardwood
5 iron
3 tools
20 hardwood
2 tools
15 hardwood
10 linen
3 hardwood10 hardwood
5 linen
20 linen
15 hardwood
improvement nameWeapon WorkshopArmor Repair Shopwatchtowerengineering tentextra beds
bonus+ 3% damage from any type of weapon+ 5% armor parameter+ 10% view range+ 20% build speed for siege weapons+15 party size
necessary resources15 iron
8 tools
15 tools
5 iron
25 hardwood10 hardwood
5 linen
10 hardwood
Click on the "tuning formation" button and a menu appears:
Select any formation and a menu appears:
Note:The order of the formation of the soldiers is as follows: in front of the formation are spearmen, in the middle of the formation are sergeants and at the end are falxman.
P.S.:I know that the order of building soldiers is already implemented in the "Party" menu, I suggest that the developers move this feature from the "Party" to the camp menu in order to add the ability to sort troops in the "Party" menu(so that there are no conflicts between these 2 functions).
Note:By pressing the reset button, the formation settings will be reset to the default settings (default settings are those settings that are automatically set at the beginning of the battle), and the sequence order will be reset to the previous value.
All my commands:
  • Action: Follow me, Charge, Stand ground.
  • Attack type: Use any weapon, Use blunt weapons, Use polearms.
  • Shooter type: Hold your fire, Fire at will.
  • Saddle: Mount, Dismount.
  • Tactical formation: Line, Shieldwall, Loose, Circle, Square, Skein, Column.
Note:Attack type and Shooter type are separate because some soldiers have javelins and the Hold you fire and Fire at will commands affect them.
If you change the formations (and I think you need to change them), then here is an example based on my formation sugg:
Click on the "conduct field exercises" button and a menu appears:
Click on the "Commander" icon and a menu appears:
Click on the "Choose troops" button and a menu appears:
Note:1)Field exercises are needed to increase the skill of tactics (maybe even leadership? For example, the one who won the battle, that commander gets additional experience points in the skill of leadership) to himself and his companions, the skill of medicine to the doctor and to improve the units.2)During field exercises, soldiers are injured(do not die)and the doctor heals them.3)In total, there will be 51 people on the battlefield in each team(50 fighters and 1 commander).4)It is not necessary to choose a commander, you can carry out exercises without him.5)We can also choose ourselves as a regular fighter and fight.6)Experience points for units will decrease proportionally as the level increases(Tier 1 will receive 90% of experience, if it was a real battle, Tier 2 will receive 70%, Tier 3 will receive 50%, Tier 4 will receive 35%, Tier 5 will receive 20%).7)We have 2 options for combat: autoboy (does not work if you are a commander, but works if the player is an ordinary soldier) and normal combat (a camp location is loaded, like an arena).
P.S.:I came up with this after I drew the UI of the camp, therefore, there is no "Engineering practice" button (it should be in the main menu). "Engineering practice" is a variant of popularizing the Engineering skill (at the moment, the skill can only be increased in the middle of the game, when the player is a lord), players practically do not use this skill.
The builder will gain 30% experience from training if he made real siege structures. It will be free, just like the usual construction of siege weapons, no money or resources are needed for training. Both the player and his companions can engage in training.
Click on "Engineering practice" and a menu appears:
Note:It is obligatory to choose a builder! Objects are conventional layouts of siege weapons: battering ram, siege towers, catapults, etc. After we have selected the builder and the number of objects and click "Done", then we are transferred to the global map and the following menu appears:
Note: During practice, the player's army stands still. You will need a background for the menu.
Click on the "go hunting" button and a menu appears:
If you selected "team", a menu appears:
Note: 1)If you want to go with a team, you do not need to take 5 people with you, you can take only 1 person or your companion and go hunting.2)Loot drops from 1 killed animal:1 piece of meat(drop rate 100%), 1 piece of hides(drop rate 30%).
Before your soldiers defect from the army, a notification will appear on the global map:
1)Choosing the "let them go" option will leave a large number of soldiers.
2)Choosing the option "to talk to them", then the location of the camp is loaded and we start talking with one of the rebellious soldiers. Dialogue options:
  • To persuade the soldiers that soon everything will work out(you need to get success 2 times in the persuasion system)(in a day they will rebel again).
  • Convince the soldiers to stay with you and make an inspiring speech(you need to get success 3 or 4 times in the persuasion system)(morale increases for several days: Modifier: Inspirational Speech +15(morale)(after 3 days they will rebel again, the modifier will also disappear after 3 days).
Note:If your conviction fails, then fewer people will leave you than you would just click "let them go", because some people saw that you tried to somehow agree with them and decided to stay with you.
  • If you have money, you can just pay them(20% of the player's total money with a limit of 10k, they cannot be paid less than 2k)(after 3 days they will rebel again).
  • Tell them that they will not go anywhere and start a slaughter with them(if you are lucky you can take the rest)(if you lose, they will take you prisoner, they can even remove your armor for your insolent behavior).
II.Main camp. In order to build the main camp, we need 200 linen, 100 hardwood, 50 iron, 20 tools and leave 50 people in the garrison.
Click on the "create a main camp" button and the process of creating the main camp begins(we just wait on the global map), after the construction is completed on the place where the player stood, the camp appears and we automatically go inside(and the camp menu opens).
Note: 1)Maximum garrison capacity 250 (no upgrades).2)The maximum number of captives is 50(no upgrades).3)The maximum stash capacity is 2000.
All improvements for the main camp:
improvement namebarrackswarehousetraining groundssmithyfield hospitaljail
bonusincreases the number of soldiers in the garrison +100camp inventory capacity +1500+8 xp every dayforging menu, +10% damage from any type of weapon(during the battle in the camp)+ 40% health healing rateincreases the number of captives by +60
necessary resources100 hardwood
50 linen
60 hardwood80 linen
80 iron
20 tools
60 linen
30 hardwood
40 iron
15 tools
There are 3 levels of wall improvement: 1-level moat, 2-level wooden walls, 3-level stone walls.
The soldiers in the camp will consume food, you can leave food for them yourself or come to the nearest town to the merchant and agree with him on the supply of food to the camp(you can choose how often he will deliver food)(the camp menu appears, where you choose how much food he will send to you).
The opportunity to create the main camp appears at the 2nd clan level, another camp can be made at the 4th level and the 3rd camp can be made at the 6th clan level(3 camps in total). Also, if your main camp is attacked by enemies and you lose the battle, then your main camp will be destroyed on the global map.
We can also make from a companion the Commandant for the main camp(analogous to the governor). In dialogue with him, we can order him to hire troops for the camp. The companion also improves leadership and steward skills.
What is the main camp for?
1)The creation of the main camp opens up the opportunity to create an army if you are not a member of any kingdom (this is very important, since the game forces you to attack only a rat on a settlement after it has been captured by another faction. Why can't I call all my vassals and honestly capture the settlement?).
2)You can make a camp on the border with another state and leave the soldiers there. For example, your settlement is Rovalt and you can make a camp on the border with the Western Empire, it will be more convenient for you to run to your camp and replenish the supplies of soldiers after a hard battle, than to run across the country to your settlement.
3)The main camp will help your life path. For example: If you are a bandit, then you can put an improvement in the prison and warehouse in order to leave more prisoners and loot in your camp. If you are a merchant, you can set up a camp at the intersection of trade routes and thus make a transshipment base for yourself, put warehouses in the camp and store goods there, waiting for the best price. If you are a lord / mercenary, you can build barracks and training grounds in the camp, so that if your army is defeated, you would have manpower (a mercenary really needs this function, like a lord without a settlement).
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