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The property​
1)Add the ability to buy property in the city. We will buy the property from a realtor, he is in a tavern.
Here's what we can buy:
  • House. We can buy a house in an middle and rich area(only 2 types)(for each faction there will be their own interiors of houses): cottage(in the middle area)(description: one-story house without adjoining land, inside the house there are premises: living room, kitchen, bedrooms. The decor of the house is in a traditional-common style) and a mansion(in a rich area)(description: a two-storey house with adjoining land, behind the house there is a small garden, the whole plot is fenced in. The decor of the house is in a traditional-rich style). A cottage costs 6,000, a mansion costs 22,000. We can buy additional interior for the home: paintings, armor stands, stands or display cases for weapons(floor and wall)(this can be bought from a furniture maker, except for paintings, paintings can be bought in the Art Shop). The house is needed in order to leave your family members there and make a gathering place for their own companions when they escaped from captivity(do not run around the map to collect companions, but make a collection point and they themselves will come to the designated place (make a residential building)), you can also leave things in the house (the size of the house inventory will be 1000), as well as for wagering the RP. Also gives a bonus to health regeneration in the city.
    Click on "the property" and it appears:
  • Warehouse. The warehouse is located only in a poor area. A warehouse is needed to store things, finished products or resources for recycling, we can also send goods from this warehouse to a place of our choice. A warehouse is a temporary storage facility. In 1 city you can buy only 1 warehouse, the capacity of the warehouse will be 5000. The cost of the warehouse is 10.000.
    Click on the "Send goods" button and a menu appears:
    After you have selected and clicked "Done" a menu appears:
  • Logistics office. We need him to create and manage caravans. Maximum only 1 office can be bought.
The description of the workshops should be moved to the "workshops" sub-item:
Note:1)At the beginning of the game, we can have only 2 the property objects, with each new level of the clan, the number will increase by +1(at Tier 6 of the clan, we can have 8 the property objects).2)Options for interacting with real estate: sell, rent, make a residential building(your family will live there).3)The value of a home increases if you furnish it with additional interiors.4)If the city in which your property was located was captured by an enemy kingdom, then all your property will be arrested and after the return of the city, you can freely use it.
Improving workshops​
2)Add a menu for the workshop in the city in which it is located.
Click on "Visit the workshop" and a menu appears:
Note:The initial capacity of the workshop inventory is 1500. Later it will be possible to increase it. The workshop inventory is needed in order to leave resources for production or to pick up finished products and sell them yourself. First, the workshop will take resources from the stash, and then if the resources run out, it will buy them in the market. If we have several workshops in the city, then the menu will select which workshop to go to.
3)Improved workshop menu in the "Clan-Other" tab.
  • Stop production button.
    Note:1)This function is needed to stop the production of the workshop. For example: the city has high prices for the required resource, you can close your workshop and open it when the price of the resource falls.2)You also need to make the "Resume production" button when our workshop is closed to start production again.
  • Workshop management menu.
    Click on the "Workshop management" button and a menu appears:
    Note:1)Highlighted in green is what is currently selected.2)The first 2 points are needed in order to increase the level of the workshop: The qualification of workers affects the speed of product creation; Improved workshop equipment affects production efficiency(more products will be produced)(the better the workshop equipment, the more resources it will consume. For example: Low will need 1 Hides, and Medium will need 2 Hides).3)The level of the workshop itself slightly affects all parameters, the level of the workshop is automatically increased when the qualifications of the workers and the equipment of the workshop are at the same level(Medium-2, High-3).4)In order to find out what is needed to increase the level, move the mouse cursor to the desired level and find out.5)In order to improve the qualifications of workers, you need: money and time (Medium-3000 and 4 days) (High-7000 and 8 days). In order to upgrade the workshop equipment you will need: Equipment(Medium and High level)(equipment to buy from "furniture maker")and time(Medium - 7 days)(High - 14 days).6)When there is an increase in one of the parameters, be it: the qualifications of workers, the modernization of workshop equipment or an increase in the warehouse. The workshop does not generate income at this time.7)In order to increase the warehouse you need: money and time(2500-5000 and 5 days)(4000-9000 and 10 days).8.)The last 2 points are the minimum workshop management.9)You cannot improve the workshop at the same time, only 1 point out of 3(you cannot simultaneously improve the qualifications of workers and the size of the warehouse, etc.).10)We may ship items from workshop inventory to our other workshops or warehouses.
    Click on "Send goods" and a menu appears:
    After you have selected and clicked "Done", the menu of the workshop inventory and the object that we have selected appears:
  • View workshop statistics.
    Click on the "Workshop statistics" button and a menu appears:
    Click on 1 of 2 charts and the following chart appears:
    Note: 1)The price of an item in the menu is also displayed in red if it is more expensive than average, and green if it is cheaper than average.2)"Stop production" and "Workshop statistics" are related, first we look at the chart and see that within a few days prices will fall and we simply close the workshop.3)The graph must be animated. We simply move the mouse cursor over the chart and it is shown to us: Day and price, on that day. Here is an example(Of course, in the game, the volatility will be greater and the numbers after "," do not need to be shown):
How the entire workshop UI will look like:
4)Make passive income-investments. We can invest our money in 2 options:1)invest in the village(from a headman). 2)invest in a workshop(from a merchant). The minimum amount that we can invest is 100, the maximum is 20,000.
invest in a village​
invest in a workshop​
We will receive 20% return on investment.
For a period of 10 days.
We will receive 10% return on investment.
For a period of 13 days.
Note:For example:We invested 20,000 in a village, in 10 days we will get back 20,000 + 4,000 income(20%). If the village is looted while you invested in it, then the money will be lost. If the city is captured by another faction, then the money will also be lost. Investing in a workshop in the city is much safer than investing in a village, because villages are more often robbed, so the risk is much greater that your money will be wasted. In order to invest money, renown and a positive relationship with the character are not needed. If the investment was successful, then we will receive experience points for trading.
Menu where you can see where you invested your money:
Click on the icon and the following menu appears:
Buying land​
5)The ability to buy land in villages.
  • Why buy land? To produce resources on it or rent out land and receive passive income.
  • In order to buy land, we need a Tier 1 clan and 4.000 money for 1 land. At Tier 1 of a clan, you can only buy 2 lands and with each new level the number of land plots increases by 2 (at level 6 of a clan, you can have 12 land plots).
  • In 1 village you can only buy a maximum of 4 plots of land. Some lands (2 or 3 lands, depending on how many resources the village produces) will be occupied by the village, which means that out of 4 plots we can buy free land in the amount of 1 or 2 units. We can also buy out the land on which the village produces resources and thereby tighten the market for ourselves.
  • To buy a land plot, you need to talk to the headman in the village, there will be a dialogue: "I would like to buy a piece of land from you."
    After we bought the land in the dialogue, the headman will tell us: "What do you want to do with the land?" We have 2 answer options: I will produce resources on it or I will lease the land.
  • If we choose to produce resources ourselves(rather than rent out land), then we will have an option of what type of industry we will use on our land.
    industry type:farmingcattle breedingminingfactory industry
    We can change the type of industry only by talking to the peasant on our land. But you can easily change the resource within a certain industry(in the Other-Lands menu). For example: you have an agricultural industry and you produce a Grain resource, you can easily change the produced resource to Olives, without talking to a peasant, you only need to pay a little money to buy 200-300 seeds. But, if you produce Grain, and you want to produce Iron, then you first need to talk to the peasant and change his industry to "mining" in his dialogue, and then produce Iron.
    An example of a peasant's dialogue:
    Me- "I would like to change the type of industry on my land."
    Peasant- "Ok, what type of industry do you want?
    Dialogue options(Me):I would like to engage in farming.I would like to be engaged in cattle breeding.I would like to be involved in mining.I would like to be engaged in the factory industry.
    Dialogue options (Peasant):Okay, you need to pay 1000 so that I hire the peasants and buy the seeds to plant.Okay, you have to pay 4,000 to build an animal farm, buy feed and hire peasants.Okay, you need to pay 10,000 to build a quarry for mining, hiring peasants and buying tools.Okay, you need to pay 8500 to build a factory, hire and train peasants, and buy tools.
    After you have clicked on a certain type of industry, there will be a dialogue: Me-I agree, get to work. (or)
    I changed my mind, wait.
    Also, if you are producing the resources yourself, you will have an option of what to do with them:
    1)take to the city for sale(auto).
    2)take to the warehouse for storage(you need a warehouse)(auto).
    3)take to the workshop for recycling(workshop needed)(auto).
  • If we choose to lease the land, then we will simply receive 50 dinars from 1 plot per day(passive income).
Click on "Change resource" and a menu appears:
Click on "Resource purpose" and a menu appears:
Note:If we select "Take to town for sale", then the resources will automatically be sent to the city for sale (in which city we do not choose, the resources will be sold where the villagers sell their resources (who run around the map)).
If we select "Take to the warehouse for storage", then a menu of all the warehouses that we have appears and resources from this land will be taken there.
If we choose "Take to workshop for recycling", then a menu of all the workshops that we have will appear and resources will be taken there for further processing from this land.
How UI Other will look like with the property, workshops and land.
Note:Also add workshops, the property and land to the barter system so that we can exchange with other lords.
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