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There should be a box in the interface you guys show between the sets and maps that shows the draw rounds. Not that neccesary but it will be a good addition. And i want to thanks Eman, Purzel and Aero for the great final broadcast! <3
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Two streams tonight!

Starting now (18:00 BST) with a PP15 match Thunders vs Drunken Ravens!

After that will be BRO vs WQ in the ECL!



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Thank You for streaming that games, it was really cool to play once again with professional stream :smile:


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I would also like to say simply 'Thanks.' for streaming PP15 matches, It's really nice from you.
But I don't know what's funny in our synchronized jump xD
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Really very nice to see the streams are appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to come and post and let me say it has been a pleasure to stream you all in the PP15 so far.

Looking forward to the final :smile:

I have updated the OP with VODs which are now processing on YouTube. Sorry for the little delay there.
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Two hours from now at 19:00 BST MB_tv will go LIVE with the European Challenge League Semi Final between Knights of Malta and Battle Ready Orphans

Both have been fantastic features in the ECL so far with Malta clutching 1st place in the regular season after smashing previously unbeaten The Turk. Meanwhile, BRO took a stunning victory against Warriors of Quiperland, taking their revenge for the third week, which was just enough to see them into fourth place and the playoffs.

It's undeniable that Malta are a major force and probable favourites for the match but BRO are a team full of surprises and unafraid to put pressure on their opponents. The Maltese will be punished for missteps.

See how it plays out and who goes through to the ECL Final below or over on Twitch.tv/MB_tv


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