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Update v1.3:
+ Changing ModMerger pack structure.

[size=8pt]+ Changing ModMerger pack structure.

[size=8pt]+ Cheking and updating AI-party icons during the game.

+ Each faction has its own color units. Icons will vary depending on the size of the party:
Numbers 0-99 - icon rider;
100-199 - icon rider+ashigaru;
200 and more - icon lord+riders.
+ Mechanism for changing icons player, depending on gender and equiped items:
for example, the icon player - ronin;
put on itm_robe - icon monk;
put on itm_black_hood - icon shinobi;
if the player girl - female icon.
+ Merchant caravans - icon palanquin;
+ Man Hunters - shinobi;
+ Deserters;
+ Peasants.

download page: [Japan OSP] Map Icons Anim v1.3 (Modmerger pack).rar (~5,5Mb)
Alternative download link
Older version:

Video Tutorials:
[MB Warband] Map Icons Animation (Part 1) - Creating new animation
[MB Warband] Map Icons Animation (Part 2) - UV REmapping

home: http://shcherbyna.my-board.org/en/mb_warband_japan_osp
ru-board: http://rusmnb.ru/index.php?topic=18547.0

Japan Town Map Icon

Install: (*keep your original files at the save plase)
1. Copy map_icons_japan.brf to Warband\YourMod\Resource\..
2. Copy map_icons_japan.dds to Warband\YourMod\Textures\..
3. Edit Warband\YourMod\module.ini: load_mod_resource = map_icons_japan
4. Edit Warband\YourMod\map_icons.txt:
|- counter +1 (at the top of file; before 189 => now 190);
|- town_j1 1 map_jtown1 0.350000 0 0 0 0 0 #(add at the end of file);
5. Edit Warband\YourMod\parties.txt (my example, red number - new icon):
1 26 26 p_town_6 Niigata 4220093 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 33.883018 -8.784881 33.883018 -8.784881 33.883018 -8.784881 0.0 0 4.175258
6. Start NewGame

Install by ModuleSystem:
("bandit_lair",mcn_no_shadow,"map_bandit_lair", 0.45, 0),
("town_j1",mcn_no_shadow,"map_jtown1", 0.35,0),
("town_5","Jelkala", icon_town|pf_town, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(-74.6, -79.7),[], 90),
("town_6","Praven", icon_town_j1|pf_town, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(-96, 26.4),[], 155),
("town_7","Uxkhal", icon_town|pf_town, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(-50, -8.5),[], 240),
Big thanks and respect 3DCHAYA for .obj-source.
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...how to make player use the faction icon where he's in. For example if player is a vassal of Jerusalem he would use Jerusalem icon, is this possible? Thanks a lot in advanced.

You have to change active_parties_simple_triggers.py. For example:
replace_block = (0,
  [(troop_get_inventory_slot, ":cur_horse", "trp_player", 8 ), #horse slot
  (store_faction_of_troop, ":player_faction", "trp_player"), # get player's faction
    (assign, ":new_icon", -1),
      (eq, "$g_player_icon_state", pis_normal),
        (ge, ":cur_horse", 0), # case1: if player has a horse
(eq, ":cur_horse", "itm_palanquin"),
(assign, ":new_icon", "icon_palanquin"),
(assign, ":new_icon", "icon_player_horseman"),

    (eq, ":player_faction", "fac_kingdom_1"),
    (assign, ":new_icon", "icon_player_horseman_fac1"), # set horseman faction1 icon ...
    (eq, ":player_faction", "fac_kingdom_2"),
    (assign, ":new_icon", "icon_player_horseman_fac2"), # set horseman faction2 icon ...

Of course for this code you must have custom faction player's icons.

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I have updated some links here and added the section "Japanese Town Map Icons" from the same OSP author which I have found at the old M&B Repository.
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