Maybe a simple fix for Ladder and Siege tower.

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First lets talk about the current issues of Ladder and Siege tower. Initially, we believe that unit collision causes this problem, however after a released patch to address this the issue still persist. Realistic Battle Mod has managed to improve the ladder mechanics by giving more space between AI Formation and base of the Ladder, but not in the degree that you can call it perfect.

Further monitoring the behavior of AIs, it appears the main culprit of the problem is AIs cannot decide which ladder is to use. Lets start with:

Issue: You can see that AI Formation that using a ladder is switching to-what-to-use between 2 Ladders. First they move to Left Ladder and use it, then run to right Ladder to use it (leaving the Left Ladder empty), due running forth and back between two ladders, it causes AI to bump to each other to make it more chaotic.

Using this info, we can easily tell that the AI is having decision making issue what ladder to use.

Possible Fix: Instead of using ONE melee formation to use TWO Ladders, Taleworlds should device ONE formation into TWO Formation. Then each formation will use ONE Ladder that assigned to them. So the final setting is

1st formation = will use 1st LADDER
2nd formation = will use 2nd LADDER
3rd formation = will use 3rd LADDER
4th formation = will use 4th LADDER
5th formation = will use RAMP
Remaining formations will be use for archers.

In theory, each formation should now use ladder consistently since they have no other option to use. And no more more bumping to each other as they will more stationary.

Issue: Issue is quiet similar to ladder but its more chaotic since there 3 ladders the AIs will choose to use.

Possible Fix: Firstly, instead of TWO Siege tower (If the player decided to build 2) it will be 4 Siege tower that will replace each LADDERs. However, each Siege Tower has only 2 ladders on them. Then follow the same formation I mentioned for LADDERS.


Instead of AI Unit/Formation that decides who will climb, it should be the Ladder or Siege Tower. It means that the Ladder and Siege Tower have its own AI CONTROLLER (or logic/script - BTW I have a little knowledge with behavioral tree since I tried to learn UE4 before).

So the logic will be something like. Ladder/Siege Tower detects the nearest Unit close to the ladder or siege tower. Once detected, it will tell to AI UNIT to climb the ladder.

Example #1:
Hey you're closest to Left ladder, go climb the Left ladder. Hey you on the right, go climb the right ladder.

Example #2:
Hey you're closest to Siege Tower, go climb #1 ladder, then you the other one, go climb the #2 ladder. So and so fort.

So here's my 5 cent.
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