Max prisoner landowner quest can make bandit prisoner instantly recruitable?

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My game has a few mods like diplomacy, kaoses tweak, harmony package etc.
I do not think any mods cause this but before I would like to confirm if anyone, especially vanilla players, have experienced this in 1.7.0 beta before I would report a bug.

I took landowner need manual laborer quest from hakkun, a khuzait village. I captured some steppe bandits, marauders and raiders up to 40 prisoners.

Then, I brought 16 more prisoners 4 raiders 12 marauders. Quest givers said he will take only 4 more, so I gave all to him then take marauder back one by one. 12 marauders can be instantly recruited. :???:

I did not save before this or try this on raiders.

Edit : Add screen recording and clarify the process after redoing this.
Edit2: Apparently, you do not need max prisoner or over the limit for the quest for this to happen. Just juggle them back and forth, they can be instantly recruited.
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It seems almost like a feature rather than a bug as if the units don't want to be sold into slavery. I think this some times happened in other patches but not to this extent.
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