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Matchmaking servers for SA region

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Players from all South America! Unite

UP, we could host our own if there were custom servers but at least while the game doesnt launch, it would be good to have some SA matchmaking.


Se necesita un Servidor aquí en Sur América / Server needed here in South America / Burada Güney Amerika'da sunucu gerekiyor


Personally, i feel cheated, Taleword impose this class system which is dreadful, and yet i cant even test it propelly since there isn't a south american server.I understand completely that the game is in early acces therefore patches are being released every day and so, and that makes it dificultly to release dedicated server files. but why dont we have a "host game" option like we had in warband? at the very least, let me enjoy all the features of the game I bought....

I had about 5 friends who came to me asking "what is mount&blade?, should i buy it?" and i had to reply : "no, do not buy bannerlord, there is no servers to play on multiplayer and the singleplayer is quite messy".


With the high ping in multiplayer for south americans, it gets really hard to learn the new combat mechanics, especially for people who never played M&B before. It means the new guys (and gals) would be stuck playing singleplayer until the end of EA, and we cannot accept it. You cannot accept it. The combat is amazing, with a lot to get used to, so... Please, let the SA community enjoy the full Bannerlord experience!


South America is probably doing alright, there must be a server in Texas or Louisiana. I don't get why y'all complaining
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