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+1 Having oceania matchmaking in the meantime while waiting for dedicated servers would be great. It feels a bit **** to only play siege + tdm with decent ping and not have an opportunity to organise clan play in our region. Hopefully newer players hang around otherwise bannerlord multiplayer population will become similar to that of warband before EA is finished. I noticed in another thread Callum commenting that they are experimenting with passworded TDM servers for duels, I hope this is something that we are considered for too. Maybe we could get one of dedicated siege servers changed to duel when that comes about?
+1 We do need an official server for both aus and nz. Such a big shame that we can't enjoy new multiplayer modes till now...
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Can you please let us know when the OCE siege server is coming back online? I usually play Friday and Saturday nights with my friends but it looks like that won't be possible.


Any word yet? Community is dying more and more every day, I'm even taking an indefinite break until we get servers, whats the point in playing and practising boring game modes if we never get to play something more competitive? OCE Skirmish is essential, please just tell us one way or another.. not knowing is actually horrible.
Practically all Australian ex Warband players have either returned to Warband, or are on a permanent break until these servers come. We just want to be able to play a competitive mode with decent ping...


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Hey lads, surely after six months we can get some sort of word?
I understand it's likely we might not even get them until release (and even then?) but do you have any plans for switching up the custom servers now and then so we can try out the other modes?
Siege was good at the beginning when we had a lot of players, but I feel like this is one of the big reasons that our community has died a slow, whimpering death.

Any news would be appreciated, thanks!
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