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+1 Support for OCE servers. So many people are coming out of the woodwork for Bannerlord and with only custom servers, it makes it hard to play with friends. There always seems to be people on and (for the most part) the community is great. Having servers where we can be more competitive would be awesome. Please and Thank you. Have a great day everyone.
Huge support!

OCE skirmish servers and community servers will breathe so much life into this game, people are already losing interest in the MP due to the options being same map siege and TDM or high ping to Asia for Skirmish.
+1 for more Oceanic servers. Especially getting some variety. The Oceanic community is quite large and very active, but without the support of more servers, it won't be sustainable.
I sure love being left in the dark by Taleworlds! This is where a roadmap would become really handy so we could get a rough timeline of when things will/are expected to happen. Matchmaking servers for all the regions would be a great start - we want to play more than just TDM/Siege which is usually the same map too. It's boring.

CN/EU/NA all have matchmaking servers and we clearly have the player base for it so I don't understand the refusal to implement them for OCE.
Yeah, completely sick of Siege and TDM. Tried to play skirmish numerous times, but the 120+ ping is too difficult.

Agree regarding the importance of the skirmish option in Oceania. Providing some server infrastructure will allow people to set up teams which will build interest and keep us all playing.

Hope a server can be available soon.
Tonight, on the 19/04/20, the Oceanic Community has had to resort to returning to Warband for it's competitive itch. This is shameful... We all returned to Warband months prior to the EA release of Bannerlord and rebuilt decade old clans and began to scrim again. Now we have nothing. Interest is dying Taleworlds... please do something or at least communcate your plans to us before it's too late for our dedicated community.
Cheers for the communication Taleworlds! I love how we're being kept informed regarding everything Multiplayer. This isn't even about just us getting match-making servers anymore, it's almost about the complete and utter lack of communication regarding future Multiplayer changes. Updates have been consistent for Singleplayer with minor network, crash and bug fixes for Multiplayer. We need more servers, game-modes and balancing. We all know it will come eventually but we would certainly appreciate even the slightest communication. What feedback are you considering, what your future goals are, etc. This has truly become such a disappointing release for a game that many have waited 8 years for. How have you guys become so out of touch with your own Multiplayer community?
Yeah the lack of communication is quite concerning, surely there is at least one Taleworlds staff that sees this. People are losing interest and it is only a matter of time before the communities fall apart.

Watch Taleworlds kill the OCE community and then say that we don't have the player-base for matchmaking servers.
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