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Please can we get australian matchmaking servers, tdm and siege is getting boring... we need some competitive skirmish.


+1 Yes please!! TDM & Siege are already boring, while I appreciate having those servers, I am craving something more competitive like Skirmish. TDM & Siege are just a cluster where everyone spams and there’s no fear of death since infinite respawns, and no one plays careful since no team damage, this is mainly what makes these modes casual.. please give us OCE servers fo matchmaking so we can enjoy the competitive side of the game, please TWs..
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Firstly, I want to say thank you Taleworlds for listening to us before and giving us Oceanic Servers. You can see that we are passionate about Bannerlord and are regularly filling up the servers you gave us. I believe this shows we are worthy of having Oceanic Matchmaking put in place so our competitive scene and clans can play Skirmish as well.


it was a nice thing to add oceanic custom servers but TDM is boring. we would like Oceanic Matchmaking now please so that we can take it to a competitive level now please thank you


The playerbase is there and can easily make use of matchmaking servers so no reason to not put them up for the OCE region. The Siege and TDM servers are usually maxed out to prove that. There are many - like myself - not currently playing Multiplayer regularly as we're mainly waiting for Skirmish to become available. Skirmish is the closest thing we currently have to Battle and a possibly competitive gamemode. Siege is fun and all but the lack of map rotation and my own desire for competitive play can make it quite the bore after 1-2 hours of continuously playing it.

Providing us with dedicated servers would see this issue fixed but I know that won't be happening anytime soon.
TDM is boring and siege just turns into 2H spam at the gate. Please add matchmaking for a better experience for both veterans and new players.


TDM and siege are great for the casual player base but like what has already been said here there is a large portion of the player base who have spent thousands of hours in warband playing the more competitive side of things and these game modes don't quite scratch that itch.


TDM and Siege are great fun. Everyone completely understands that the game has only just been released but there are large communities like the AU/NZ community that want to get into a more competitive game-play weather that be through skirmish or re introducing battle mode where 100+ players can compete to be the last team standing so if you could please allow room for more servers or even for us to purchase our own that would be amazing!!
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Yes, it would be much appreciated if we could get matchmaking + battle gamemode eventually for everyone. Slaughtering noobs in TDM and siege. I want a real challenge because I am a man and my 10000+ hours of warband cannot go to waste. I've burnt through 5 mice playing warband competitively.
Matchmaking would be great, was expecting to be able to jump right into the competitive stuff right away, please don't make us wait any longer.
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It would be great to see, the whole no team damage and people in ya way is a bit frustrating, no real challenge. OCE matchmaking please!


Many of us don't even want to play MP anymore right now because it's only TDM and Siege... we're desperately awaiting Skirmish before we can jump back in and take it seriously, please help us out.
It is a real struggle to play MP for any length of time in TDM or Siege as it doesn't feel very competitive for clans. While I don't believe skirmish is exactly perfect, it is competitive. I for one am going to be playing primarily single player and other games until oceanic matchmaking is a thing.
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