MP Match making should prioritize group vs group and random vs random for best overall player experience

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A lot and I mean a lot of rounds are random players on one side vs. mainly grouped players on the other more so in skirmish then captain but the problem is in both. I do believe a simple solution would be to match make grouped players by size so if there is a group of 3 players it should try to be matched against a group of 3 players + randoms on both sides for example. If it would find no match for their group size in a min or two it should then broaden the search against a group of 2 or 4 for another search of a min or two before broadening the search again.

I have been on the grouped team and I have been on the random team and while grouped teams win most games with ease they don't always win but most games the opposing side of only randoms generally tend to start leaving early due to this since nobody on the losing side ever enjoys extremely one sided games. A lot of players also leave in warm up phase since they know after one look at the clan on the other team that there is little to no chance of winning against clans and groups that generally only have better skilled players that also have voice communication on top of that.

I have been part of a clan before with Discord communication and I found it extremely boring to win just about every single game with ease but I have been more times on a random team getting annihilated by these clans and big groups and this needs fixing. I know priorities are in SP but ignoring match making balance will make players leave MP part of the game and I do believe this kind of match making would be a win for randoms and groups since randoms would have a balanced and more fun game and groups would also have games where they would actually have to fight for a win.
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