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So i've been playing for quite awhile and im an archer myself in real life, now the archery in the game is pretty good, but one thing i have noticed is their is no master archers. Ill explain but here is a brief explanation on master archery if you want a tldr:

Master archers shoot right grip to right nock beginner shoot left grip to right nock this is what a master archer should look like, more advanced archers shoot with bows in the draw hand ready to fire another arrow increasing speed of shooting. The archery is great for a game, but i would seriously love to see as you progress with the bow you switch to right hand right nock and fire more arrow then currently, i would like to see more realism with the archery. any ways that's my bit and would like to see other input about having this in game.
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I'm not a fan of Lars Andersen I admit it, I'm more a fan of Lajos kassai and Mihai Cosmei.

That said, while the animations could use some polishing (nGabor has pretty good feedback on that), the archery in my eyes is pretty well implemented.

Maybe the T5-T6 units being considered "masters" can shoot "faster"... ok... I'll buy it; but I prefer them to be accurate rather than fast.

The only thing I would implement that I find interesting is an ambidextrous system (on horseback is a must), that's what makes the difference between a regular archer and a master/elite one.



It's not how "Master archers" shoot, it's just a different style. It's not possible to draw an English war longbow like Lars Andersen. It's like making pullups with your thumb.

Horsearchers use this style because it allows them to quickly fire with less powerfull bows (commonly used Recurvebows). You don't need a 180 lbs bow to be effective over long distances, you can simply shoot from a few meters away and ride back to get new arrows and drink some lovely milk.
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