Massive list of community suggestions (originally written on steam by WhiteGryff)

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  • The inclusion of coding encouraging a preference for retaking territory lost, if available, that they started with over targeting new territory for armies would greatly aid in slowing down the major faction wars.

  • The inclusion of event armies spawned due to world circumstances. This would be such things as peasant revolts, cultural revolts if a town is held by a different culture until a few years have passed, deserters spawning after a large defeat, the ability for large bands of raiders to spawn under special warlords that can target villages, Bands of steppe raiders looking for glory and loot. Ideally these groups would be able to spawn in numbers large enough to threaten AI armies into actually actively targeting them. With the addition of the ability in these groups to hit villages the faction war should again be nicely slowed to an extent.

  • The inclusion of a 'desperate act' event wherein if a faction is reduced to one or two cities left their armies receive a recruiting, funding, and morale boost as they try to save their realm. Such a thing could also be merged with the above point.

  • The inclusion of more models for armour, these at present feel heavily restricted and really reduce the sense of progress in oneself due to how little armour there seems to be in the game.

  • The inclusion of armour smithing in the forge.

  • Quest chains for minor factions.

  • The ability to found a minor faction.

  • The ability to design, outfit, train, and name your own army on founding a kingdom.

  • Expansion of the help system with encyclopedia.

  • The ability to pick your starting age, within reason, rather than being assigned the age of 30.

  • Cultural goods unique to each faction for trading purposes and flavour.

  • Morale and food penalties to terrain that your faction is unused to. Essentially a desert, mountain, and winter penalty. Winter should really do a lot more to limit military action then it does, it should be expensive in men and equipment. This could help slow down faction war as well.

  • The inclusion of flavour events in towns such as culture-specific festivals, gatherings, games, and sports that are organised by the lord. These could boost loyalty and prosperity, encourage caravans to visit due to goods price changes during the event, and provide the player the opportunities for popularity gains with local notables. This could also greatly help with how bland the factions feel. They don't have to massively complex, things like harvest festivals or races.

  • The inclusion of some kind of religious element to the game to diversify the cultures. The factions are quite bland at the moment with no real character, perhaps religious factions and features could help. This could include sacred sights, special event armies (both that may help a ruler and hinder one if they don't like you due to laws or events), flavour events and characters etc.
  • The companions are very shallow at present and are in desperate need of character. There also seems to be plenty with combat skills but very few with others.

  • The inclusion of merchant minor factions.

  • The ability of minor factions to rebel or make war in such a way so that should they become independent and capture a town they may become a new major faction that lords may join. This will slow down the faction war and make dealing with the minor factions more important. Laws that appease or anger them and your lords could really flesh this out.Would be nice if a merchant minor faction rebelled and used their money to buy mercenaries and went and founded a republic, that sort of thing.

  • Ships, for travel.

  • Clandestine opportunities such as infiltrating enemy armies and sites to poison wells, destroy supplies etc

  • Timed battles in attacking a large army (say 400 plus) with a much smaller one (say 50). If your army is faster than theirs then you should be able to target their outriders and scouts in a timed skirmish battle. If you win before the timer runs out then you escape and have successfully wittled down the enemy army a little, if you do not than their reinforcements arrive and you are forced to fight their full army. This could really slow down the faction war and make guerilla style warfare far more important thus raising the threat of the Battanians, Aserai, and Khuz.
    • Auto-Block as a difficulty option.

    • Gender Variation where appropriate for cultures.

    • Female difficulties in social contexts for cultures that do not ascribe to gender equality roles.

    • Multiplayer weapons and armour added to Singleplayer (I didn't even know this was a thing).

    • Camera Bob options.

    • Tactical options in pre-battle set-up such as formations and volley fire.

    • Customisation of troop trees for players.

    • Flavour events and hobbies such as executions, knuckle boxing, fishing or hunting,

    • Family interactions making them more than just wallpaper characters.

    • Customise options for throne rooms.

    • Pets?

    • Plague events.

    • Variable season effects.

    • Fleshed out Crime system for gangs, guards, and jails.

    • Intrigue and espionage features for courts, factions, and minor factions.

    • Flavour events for your army with variable effects.

    • Greater variety of lesser enemy bands such as bandits.

    • Coalition feature whereby if conquest happens too rapidly then other factions may decide to make war on that faction in order to arrest there progress.

    • Prisoner 'Interactions'.

    • Tournament diversity by social and cultural origin.

    • Costs of Lordship for fiefs that arrest the rapid gaining of wealth once you have a fief. Maintaining a town, village, castle, kingdom is not cheap.

    • Woodworking added to Forge system.

    • There is a lot of room for new major factions on the map, hopefully this is intentional. It would be nice to see some greater diversity from possible new MF's, such as Egyptian inspired to the South-East or Dynastic China to the East.

    • Team colours in multiplayer.

    • Expansion of narratives for minor factions besides that of conquest. This could include competition over merchant contracts, treasure hunting, mercenary feuds.

    • Estates and holdings for minor factions within major ones such as mercenary fortresses or merchant palaces.
    • The potential for neutrality as an option in war and the political consequences of this.

    • Assassination. Though if this were to be implemented then the family system will need to ramped up as children between AI's, and marriage for that fact, seems to happen so rarely that if they all started killing each other the places is gonna get a bit empty.

    • Dynastic breakaways. The formation of new clans from within larger old ones or the raising of new ones from the soldiers and peasantry as a result of events.

    • Late game external threat? such as Nord invasion, Steppe Hordes, Dessert Kings etc.

    • Better diplomacy then just peace or war. Trade contracts and treaties, Non-Aggression pacts, Alliances, Treaties of Restoration wherein a faction pledges to aid in the restoration of a neighbouring faction that has become ruined by a vastly growing power (you'd be surprised how many wars happen just because people like buffer states).

    • Expansion of Village interaction for Lords. It would be nice to have minor lords whom govern single villages again to really expand the characters in the game. They needn't be too powerful and clog up the manpower of the game, they are minor landholders after all (Heark Here Cometh the Barons). This would really help to flesh out the families and clans. It would also give the player a greater sense of progression then having nothing from one day to a having a city and four villages the next. Villages could do with the ability to build in them and in doing so improve them.

    • When conquered by a different culture, settlements should not continue to produce the original cultures troops; it's a little odd seeing Battanian armies with imperial troops given how much they hate the Empire.

    • The ability to import parties into a new game.

    • The Title Screen banner co-ordinates with the most recent save.

    • Diversity of village quests. This could be made further unique by making a few that are only found in certain conditions such as culture, climate, production zone, recent events, etc.

    • The ability to change a characters name. If Tom wants to become Balthazar Lord of Excessive Syrup Use then he should be allowed.

    • Slowed campaign progression.The inclusion of children and passing down through your heirs seems irrelevant and useless if you can knock out a campaign in under an in-game year. This could be done by making war a very expensive affair for both lords and their infrastructure, emphasising it as a last resort (this would need the politics and diplomacy expansions that were previously mentioned).

    • Civil War, rebellions, and regional uprisings becoming far more common and as equal a threat to a realm as external strife. This would greatly contribute to some previous points though it would need the expansion of the dynasties.

    • Immersion events such as those based in taverns, camps, NPC interactions, children, seduction.

    • Grinding renown needs a rethink. The party capacity should be effected less by renown and more by economic ability. Renown could instead be used to determine your ability to keep higher tier units in the party instead of deserting for more prestigious posts. This would slow down progression nicely and allow for much greater satisfaction at having gained the service of elite units. Additional methods of gaining renown should be implemented via things like the immersion events, instances like festivities, larger chain quests, etc.

    • Expanded hitzone mechanics. Damage to legs, arms, etc should cause variable effects such as reduced movement speed, swing damage, bleeding.

    • Custom Starts

    • Custom Companions

    • Business income, workshop capacities, etc effected by relevant skills.

    • Expansion of workshop mechanics, access to produce and equipment, merchant guild interaction events.

    • Layered defence emphasis on sieges, inner gates in larger and more fortified places to other areas that would be further defended. Perhaps subsequent skirmishes for important areas of the town/castle such as courtyards, halls, barracks, tower holdouts.

    • Tournament Leagues. Escalation of challenge and reward. Potential for immersive events and quests. Perhaps champion battles wherein the player would be allowed to select their weapon loadout.
    • Honor/Reputation system that effects lords opinions within relations/friends/enemies/kingdom.

    • Bank system. Could be tied into the workshops as a very lucrative but highly risky and expensive venture. Could be threatened by sieges and such.

    • Combat animations and feedback need work. Obviously utterly overhauling it is unrealistic as that would require months of work but the system feels stale. New animations would insert some flavour. An option to scale feedback further for those that want it would be nice so that people can further tailor their skill training and such.

    • Bounty System. A bounty network for prominent bandits, outlaws, rogue mercenaries, particularly troublesome lords etc.

    • Some of the perks don't feel rewarding given the vast effort it takes to get some to level up. Given that the sandbox campaign can be completed long before hitting level 20, experience obviously needs a look at. If the sandbox were extended as has been desired by many so that it takes multiple generations to complete then the skill system (whilst still buggy) is sort of suitable, if this is not so then the skill system needs to be made more rapidly progressive. The focus points currently feel too restricting in their only granting a single point per level; given that a skill point is granted every three levels perhaps a bonus focus point could be granted every two levels?

    • Multiplayer Sandbox?

    • Greater diversification of mount armour. Horse armour feels very uninspired and there are fewer models then might be wished, this is quite apparent on camels.

    • The messaging system whereby you are informed of major events is not serving well. Players feel they are not well informed as to events that may impact them such as sieges, peace and war declarations, the gaining of fiefs.

    • Useless loading screens such as between conversations with defeated lords are frustrating.

    • Custom sheaves for weapons in the smithy.

    • Peace terms based upon successful sieges, raids, casualties, captured lords. Perhaps restrict the amount of cities a faction can gain in a war via peace terms system. Peace terms could include the return of hostages, money, valuable goods, surrender of castles or cities. This system could be used to arrest snowballing.
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I think he just means that while these seem like good suggestions individually, posting everything we want done for the next year of early access all at once is counter-productive. Better to address the major issues/wants/needs as they come up rather than try to tell them every little thing we might ever want done in one post.

These are good suggestions however.
No insult at all, it's a statement. They even say it in the suggestion thread, one suggestion at a time. There's no way devs can afford to take the time to go sieve through that list.
Doesn't sound like an efficient use of time and space tbh, a single thread for every suggestion most likely will start a needless discussion.


Mostly thats stuff, modders gonna do. I mean, they never really gone too deep into their games.
Fixing, balancing then they make a new game with the current engine.


If I’m not mistaken, community managers take suggestion posts and direct them to the relevant groups for them. So if you have a massive list that encompasses every aspect of the game(albeit a lot of really good suggestions), this makes it impossible for the manager to really do. So it’s better to put each suggestion in its own thread, based on their guidelines (ik that’s a crap ton, I’m just saying how I think it works)
Mostly thats stuff, modders gonna do. I mean, they never really gone too deep into their games.
Fixing, balancing then they make a new game with the current engine.
They have the opportunity to do exactly that, and that's what the community has been expecting, more depth, more content, more concepts and features and such. Be a damned shame if they let modders make this game what we expected it to be in the first place.


These are all good. I don't think TW has the ability to put these in. Just half of these would flesh out the game far more than it is now.


They have to do some of this?

Why would you design a game for 8 years and have mods from your prior game (some many years old) own you? That would hurt my pride if I were a developer.

One thing I might add?

How about an individual horse leveling skill that makes it so you value your expensive horse? Right now there's no connection to your mount whatsoever.
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